How You Can Top Up Your Microsoft Account Using Bitcoin

The world that we live in is driven by technology, and this is changing all the time. What was once cutting edge, can in just a few months almost become redundant, which is how quickly the pace of change can happen. Just over nine years ago a new type of currency was introduced to the world which was called Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency available on the market. Since its inception, it has gone from strength to strength and is becoming an increasingly popular currency which, more and more companies are accepting as a form of payment.

What You Need To Make Payments With Bitcoins

The first thing that you will have to do if you want to use Bitcoin as a form of payment is to buy some cryptocurrency. You can buy Bitcoin in Melbourne through reputable exchanges and then have the purchase transferred to a wallet which you will have to set up. Once you have set up your Bitcoin wallet you are all set to start paying for goods and services with Bitcoin, rather than using traditional forms of payment such as cash or credit cards.

What You Need To Make Payments With Bitcoins
What You Need To Make Payments With Bitcoins

Adding Bitcoins To Your Microsoft Account

The first thing that you need to do is to go to your Microsoft account and log in. Once you have done this, you will want to go to the Payment & Billing option, and then go to the Payment Options and select this. From the payment options, you will want to choose the Redeem Bitcoin option, choose the amount of currency that you wish to add to your account, and then click Next. You will then need to review the number of Bitcoin that you want to add and use your digital wallet to complete the transaction. To do this, you will need to log into your wallet and, if using the same computer, select Open Wallet and pay Bitcoin into your account. If you are using a mobile device to access your wallet, you can scan the QR code which appears on the page from your mobile wallet app. If you are using a different device entirely, you can copy the receiving address and amount and then make your purchase.

If you need more help on adding money to your Microsoft account, a quick search online should lead you to related articles.  

What You Can Buy With Your Bitcoin

When you top up your Microsoft account with Bitcoin, you will then be able to use the deposit to pay for things from the Windows store, buy game and movies, and use the credit on your Xbox account. It is important to note that any credit made to your Microsoft account paid via Bitcoin cannot be refunded. You can also not use credit from Bitcoin to purchase gift cards. You can buy bitcoin with an automated trading app like Bitcoin Loophole.

If you have any difficulties in adding credit to your account and paying via Bitcoin, there is assistance Microsoft, but this is not available in all regions and countries. Transactions are relatively quick when adding credit, and just as with traditional forms of payment, they should appear in your account almost instantly.

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