How to Monitor Vibration During Equipment Transit?

Moniter Vibration Problem

It’s easy to control all the variables when your manufacturing something. You’ll ensure the air quality is right, the lighting, the product material, and the spec are all to an exact standard.

However, as soon as the product leaves your facility you lose control over it. That makes it vulnerable and, in the process, makes your reputation vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dispatching one item to a customer or a batch to a supplier, it’s essential that the product gets to the customer in exactly the same condition as it left you.

In the past, businesses have been reliant on courier companies to take the best possible care of their products. The reality was that some drivers did, and others didn’t.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue!

Moniter Vibration Problem
How to Monitor Vibration during Equipment Transit?

The Vibration Monitor

The vibration monitor is a simple sticker that can be placed on the side of a crate of goods or on an individual parcel. The sticker has a colored dot in the middle.

Each sticker is pre-designed to have a specific vibration tolerance. If the sticker, and hence the box it is on, go outside of the tolerable vibration range, the dot on the sticker will change color.

When the person receiving the goods sees the sticker they’ll be instantly alerted to the fact that it has not stayed within tolerable ranges during transit. If it’s outside its tolerance the product may be damaged or not function properly. At this point, the receiver can reject the shipment, as the sticker ha changed color during transit it will be apparent that the fault lies with the courier company.

In short, they’ll be liable to compensate the supplier for the loss or damage of its products. Of course, it’s the insurance company that actually pays. But, the real damage is controlled.

The courier company’s reputation is damaged and the manufacturer’s stays intact. That’s important for future business with clients.

It’s worth noting that these stickers don’t just do vibrations. There is a range of options available from temperature indicators to fall or tilt indicators.

Each sticker is specifically designed to ensure that it changes color if set parameters are broken.

All you have to do is choose the most relevant sticker for your products and alert the courier company that you’re using this technology. That will give them fair warning to take additional care of your packages, even though this is the care they should be offering to every package they transport.

Why It’s So Important

We live in an increasingly digital age and equipment is becoming more and more sensitive. That means a simple vibration can be deadly to some electrical equipment. If the manufacturer dispatches it without adequate care then the supplier can reject t. Without proof that the issue occurred during transit, the manufacturer will have to accept the blame.

The result is either a serious dip in profits or potential bankruptcy. In short, monitoring vibration can protect your livelihood.

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