How to Make Your Career Successful


Finding the right career is tough for everyone. Some are highly intuitive and recognize their career path early on. While some take time and take parents and friends’ suggestions. As Albert Einstein said, “Logic will take you from A to B while imagination has no limitations,” which is applicable in our career explorations too. The best way is to find your inner calling, this is never random.

How to Make Your Career Successful
How to Make Your Career Successful

Many people take anywhere from six months to three years after leaving school to explore different available career options. The best idea is to ask yourself, why do you want to do this particular job? How is this going to benefit you if you go this way? Is there a complete career or is this adding any value to your skill-set or resume in any way?


Finding a mentor in your life is significant for growth, motivation, and inspiration. The majority of us use Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It is better to write down all the characteristics in your mentors that inspire you, what traits in business would you like to adopt from them. It will create a picture of what you actually want to be – by choosing and recognizing what exactly you would like to have similar to them.

Learn from everyone and try to comprehend the reasons why someone failed, notice how many times the successful people failed before actually making it.


There are more ways to grow. Most of the people who are happy and content with their careers and look forward to going back to work every day are the ones who are passionate about their work.

We should combine any of the interests we already have with a skill that the market requires and BAM! This is the most intelligent way, to merge a core skill of yours with a vital interest. For instance, an accountant who has an inclination towards psychology might choose to be an accountant for psychologists, counselors, and coaches.


Honestly speaking, status has become the enemy of success. When we get into statuses we basically reduce our chances of getting something bigger. The only way to reach our destination is to keep walking, not to wait for a miracle. By doing this, they get into limitations even though they already have a limited amount of options when it comes to getting selected on the basis of their experiences, skill set or education. For the reason that the high-status companies attract only the best. Start your journey, acquire some on-job skills which no one can get online or with a degree. That will add some stars in your portfolio and can eventually make you earn a higher salary.


Yes, don’t battle with the market when you are in the learning phase. Even if you are experienced, it is better to incorporate something new into something already existing. Usually, it is hard for people to accept the changes – that is a gradual process. Do not get into innovation; rather go for replicating great ideas.  MBA programs also support entrepreneurs to innovate. Why? Because it is easier said than done. In the real world, new ideas have great chances to fail. You may miscalculate the market if you have no similar ideas to copy. This is something you will have to educate too – your innovation. Luckily, if your idea works too well, someone might just buy it. Deep-pocketed firms have enough money to fund many projects. Something most self-employed individuals cannot. Therefore, don’t innovate; replicate.


Always ask about the program’s employment record whenever you plan to enroll in either a degree program or a certification. While picking a training program, particularly in psychology, the arts, or journalism, inquire, “What percent of students who start this program land a new career in that field?”

Learn something technical.  Soft-skilled types, not too technical or systematic, learn a specifically related piece of tech. Develop a soft skill, something that gets you a clearer communication, emotional intelligence, public speaking, etc. That will, in fact, develop your overall communication skills.

For instance, instead of taking a course in a programming language, acquire a study manual. You will most probably find one at or Then you can make a list of questions and utilize that as the foundation of your next tutoring session.


If you are seeking a Launchpad kind of job? Go for a career-launching job such as an administrator at a brand-name company, lke Google, Disney, The Gates Foundation, or the federal government.


Do not fret over your resume’s length. You don’t need to worry about whether the resume has one or two pages. Add any information that you think is going to make an employer more likely to hire you over other candidates. Plus, it is better to make the resume two pages with a good amount of white space rather than cramming it on one page.

There is another technique in which we just use a highlights letter instead of a resume. If the resume is doubtful to be somewhere at the top of the stack, even if the employer asks for a resume, it would be wiser perhaps to substitute a highlights letter, which highlights your key accomplishments and characteristics. Evidently, some employers are going to nix you for not sending a resume nonetheless. If you have a long employment gap or are a career change, you would possibly land a job more quickly with a highlights letter.


I have tried my best to highlight the key factors, but this is not all of them, just a beginning in the right direction. Some even more important points like define your vision for success, thinking about who you want to work with and what you want to accomplish together, detaching yourself from the outcome, creating realistic goals and establishing the timelines for achieving them is a healthy activity. And when it comes to fixing problems, it’s seen as an opportunity by all successful people because they also came out of a failure and struggling phase.

This is the best research I could do using my favorite Cox cable in Las Vegas, I am a research writer and professionally I work as a Recruiter, but just like any one of you, we all go through self-doubt about wasting our lives. This is what led me to research and I found all the answers to what I was looking for. I am writing this so it can help someone somewhere to find the right direction and reevaluate themselves. We all need evaluation and constant rectification of our choices – it is never too late to start something new and correct any wrongs.

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