How to Make an Outline for an Essay

Perfect Essay Outline

A new school year is coming. Are you ready for it? Being a student is a very responsible task. It includes so many different tasks and challenges. On your way to academic success, you will find a lot of interesting and complex tasks. Essay writing is one of them. This is a thought-provoking activity. It requires a complete focus on the assignment. Do you know what is the best way to stay tuned and concentrated on the task? You can turn to experts at or write an outline. The outline is a very useful way to increase your productivity and enhance the final result. If you don’t know how to make up a perfect outline, make sure to read this article.

Outline: Do You Need It?

The outline is a tool to ensure a smooth essay writing process. This is not a theoretical rule. We call it a useful tool to organize your paper easier. With the help of a well-designed outline, you can structure the content and make everything well-ordered. Furthermore, the outline will help you keep all your ideas in one place. This way, the risk of forgetting an important aspect is very low.

Perfect Essay Outline
Perfect Essay Outline

Writing an essay is a complex undertaking. To present a good paper you need to painstakingly develop your train of thought. In some cases, you can become overwhelmed with the workload. An outline is what can help you overcome the frustration and organize the process better. Outline aims at working separately on every point. This way, you can pay equal attention to each aspect of your story or research. The outline is also important to ensure a coherent essay structure since your paper is fully based on an outline.

Time to Prepare an Outline

To perform a good plan for essay writing you need to divide the process into several parts. We call them steps. There are 4 basic steps that will alleviate outline writing.

  1. Choose the topic

Before you embark on the task, you read the instructions. A professor usually mentions the expectations and rules of the task. These are the requirements. And your task is to read them beforehand. When you are done with the preparatory stage, it’s time to develop a topic. Make sure you have grasped the main idea behind the professor’s instructions and fir in the task. Brainstorming would be the most beneficial way to find the topic. You should create a list of topics and choose those that you like the most. Free writing is another great idea if you feel stuck and have no inspiration. To create an interesting essay you need to be passionate about it.

  1. Define your reader, purpose of writing and arguments

When you are done with the topic, time to proceed with the outline writing. Identify your target readers and make up the purpose of your writing. Based on this information, you can pick the arguments to prove your point of view. With all these aspects on hand, you can move further. But if you feel difficulty in finding the arguments, read these helpful tips:

  • Look for the objectives of the assignment.
  • Figure out if there are any keywords given by the professor.
  • What is the purpose of your essay? Do you need to inform the reader? Or is your task to entertain the audience? Answer to these questions can help you progress with the outline.
  • How does the audience can react to the topic? What counter-arguments can you face?
  • Will the audience have emotional feedback?
  1. Develop a thesis statement

The thesis statement is an essential part of the essay. This is some kind of an introduction to your paper. In a thesis statement, you need to tell the reader about the paper in a few sentences. In most cases, this is even a one-sentence statement. Here you list some facts and answer the main question of your paper. It often happens that you need quite a lot of time to think carefully about the thesis to create a good one.

  1. Structure the outline correctly

In a nutshell, there is no defined structure for the outline. There are so many essays, and you cannot build up a single outline for all of them. Thus, when structuring the outline you can focus on basic rules.

  • First of all, create a thesis and introduction. This is how you get acquainted with the reader.
  • The next step is addressing the problem and listing appropriate arguments. This is the main part of your essay. Make sure to organize your paragraphs in good order so that the information doesn’t sound weird.
  • When you have listed all your arguments, frame it all up with a juicy conclusion. This is no less an important part of any essay. So be attentive when summarizing the paper.

Do you still find writing an outline difficult? Our guide is a free option that you can use to manage the task. But what if you need more expert help with your essay outline writing? The good news is that can give you a helping hand. This is a perfect online service that can professionally handle academic writing tasks.

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