How to Check Matric Results Online 2019

The result is always a hard time on students in every stage but the students of Matric Class in Pakistan are among those who in their whole 10 years of education face External Board Examination first Time. So that is why some of them do not know about How to Check Matric Results Online 2019. Among the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE the one of the biggest educational Board is Lahore Board other than this there are eight other boards that cover the whole Punjab Province. Same as in Sindh Province there is eight educational Board and in KPK Province there is eight educational Board. The main responsibility to the BISE offices is to provide quality education to each student in their jurisdiction.

How to Check Matric Results Online 2019
How to Check Matric Results Online 2019

The official in the relevant board is really efficient and Skilled that can take care of their responsibilities in a good way. The annual examination of the Matric that is 9th Class and 10th Class are arranged by the BISE officials and then collect the papers from all the students and arrange a Result on behalf of which students are moving forward for next class or not. Those students who got passed in the examination move the college for higher education and those who got Supply in any subject will have to repeat the class till they get passing marks in that specific subject. At the time of declaration of the annual exams result students have a lot of option through which they can check their Result and that are discussed below.

Check Result through Gazette:

One of the old and still consider the most reliable option has checked the result through a gazette. Gazette is a booklet published by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE officials in which they have complete result details of each and every student who registers for the 10th Class annual examination. This Gazette can be booked by different persons in the whole District against paying some fee and then on the day of declaration of Result you just go to these persons tell them your Roll Number and they will tell you your result. But one thing that is not good in checking the result through Gazette is, it just has your obtained marks out of total and not have marks details you obtained in each subject.

Check Result through Internet:

With the modern Era of Technology, the way of business also changes for everyone. In the case of students when they go for gazette they have to go to the nearest bookshop and wait while standing in the queue. To resolve this problem the officials of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE provide students a new facility is introduced that is check result through the Internet. Now students just need to enter their Roll Number while going to the official website of their relevant board and there they just need to enter Roll Number and their Result will be in front of their Screen. Other then the official website there are many educational websites of Pakistan that will provide you 10th Class Result 2019 Punjab Board so you need to visit their page and then get what you want.

Check Result through SMS:

From the last two year, each Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has announced a new feature for the students in order to check their Matric or 10th Class Result. That method is through the SMS Service. On the day on the declaration of the 10th Class Annual examination Result, you can get an SMS Number from the official’s website of your relevant board. What you need to do is just go to the type new SMS and write your Roll Number in the message box and send it to the number you are found of the official website. In reply to that SMS, you will get the complete result card report that contains your marks in each subject as well as the total marks you obtained.

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