Health Apps: Five Reasons Doctors Should Use Them

Growing popularity of smartphones and digital apps has made it possible to use this technology in the healthcare industry to benefit patients and doctors both. Nowadays telemedicine has become an important department in medical care.  Fulltime doctors and healthcare staff are now practicing as telehealth professionals.

Health Apps Five Reasons Doctors Should Use Them
Health Apps Five Reasons Doctors Should Use Them

Despite gaining all the acceptance and popularity, physicians are still showing their concerns. They have doubts about how virtual technologies allow them to treat their patients and receive payments. Besides this, they also show uncertainty about maintaining workflow and discomfort of not being able to perform a physical examination.

Though few of these concerns are valid, implementation of digital technology has its own benefits. As it facilitates patients and medical professionals to stay in touch with each other, clinical care facilities are adopting it and medical plans are reimbursing for it.

On the basis of these exciting advantages, here I am sharing few important reasons to show why doctors should use health apps to examine and treat patients.

To get good compensation:-

Answering and making phone calls to ensure secure delivery of messages to patients is an essential activity doctor have to perform to obtain follow-up regarding new condition. Using an app for video communication instead of the phone looks not only more reliable but also reimburse for your time and care you deliver to your patients and even to connect with doctors in Dubai. There is nothing wrong in desiring to receive payment for your hard work.

To enjoy improve access to healthcare facility:-

Virtual technology offers doctors a remote access to patient data after office hours. It enables doctors and medical staff to work online and execute patient requirements more efficiently. Patients also feel relaxed and show their trust when they immediately interact with a board-certified physician in emergency conditions.  Improved access will allow doctors to provide on-demand care and treatment in emergency conditions. This will eventually improve the brand image of a medical facility. 

To make good use of mid-level and support staff

Doctors don’t work alone. Instead, they work with nurses and support staff. Incorporation of virtual technology allows physicians and surgeons to utilize these resources. Video call feature facilitates them to give instruction to their team to sort out patients into groups during rush hours. Depending on the nature and severity of the issue, you can easily decide who should stay in the hospital and who should send back and treated at home. Learning to use this technology will free up doctors to oversee acute cases and pre and post –procedure consultations.

To experience real coordination without hassle

Almost every doctor refers his patients to specialists like diabetes expert, nutritionist or physiotherapist or experts in specific fields to provide better care and treatment. Telehealth allows consultants to connect with other doctors at the same time and facilitate to offer team-based care to their patients for faster recovery.  You can invite experts via video conferencing call right in your office to examine patients and suggest treatments.

To improve compliance and eliminate unnecessary in-person visits

Chronic disease management with the help of apps is one of the major benefit and an important reason for integrating virtual technology in medical care units. It benefits both doctors and patients after eliminating the need for unnecessary visits just for medication management and routine follow-ups. Often such follow up visits are not compensated. This follows up can be easily performed either on phone or via virtual visit using an app. Patients also feel good when they see they don’t need to visit doctors clinic every time to discuss medication, dosage and side effects. Especially elderly patients suffering from limited mobility issues can benefit with virtual appointment technology.

Endnote: In addition to these practical reasons to used telehealth and health apps in a clinical setting, there are certain obvious benefits like better work-life balance; better disease management and increased geographic range are the few sure benefits consultants can avail.

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