Great Attractions to Explore in Bangkok, Thailand


There are many people who do not know very much about where to go first in Bangkok. There are a lot of great attraction for first time traveler to Bangkok; so according to me, you should never miss these places when you are In Bangkok.


Khwan-Riem floating market:

Khwan-Riem floating market a classic floating market on the banks of Saen Saeb. The story of the immortal film was made several versions. Both sides of the temple between the temple of the North, Serithai 60 and Wat Bang Peng Nong Ramkhamhaeng 187 with a bridge connecting Wat BumNen North and Wat Bang Peng Tai South This is the first floating market with a bridge connecting the two sides of the canal.

 Chatuchak Weekend Market:

 Popular shopping areas of the Thai people. And foreigners Open on Saturday Wednesday and Thursday are the wholesale markets for trees. Here is not come It is a source of supplies. Fashion Clothes selling pet farm from the farm is called a shortage of frigates. There is nowhere else in the world to be here.


 The Commons Thonglor:

The Commons community mall with a living in the back garden. It is located at Thonglor Soi 17, about 100 meters from Soi. Here, the concept of wholesome living. Loft style decor. With the whole project. Sam with green tree lets go to the park in the backyard.

National Museum of Phra Nakhon:

National Museum of Phra Nakhon It is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most popular art collections in Bangkok. Or antiquities please visit the antique here.

Khao Din Zoo:

Dusit Zoo or Khao Din Dusit Zoo is a zoo in the heart of Bangkok where children like it very much because there are many animals for the children. Close there are also exhibits in the exhibition.

The Great Commissar:

“Hippies, art, comfort, waterfront” Many people are looking for a good place. For relaxing Saturday Sunday I would like to stop thinking of something to invite you to walk along the waterfront at the Great Commuter Mall is another Hippies of the city who come to sit and charge. Look at the waterfront lifestyle.

Market Place:

Walking around the old community in the old part of Bangkok is another idea to make our holiday is not boring. And maybe find something new. The charm of Bangkok. We never see it here. The old Chinese community.

Taling Chan Floating Market:

Taling Chan Floating Market It is a floating market in the heart of the capital. And life on the water side of the canal. Surrounded by orchid gardens, vegetable gardens. And the folk fruit is fully.

Taling Chan Floating Market The atmosphere is rustic. The people in the community to live just enough. Vegetables Fresh fruit from the garden to sell. Including good craft. The folk wisdom is highlighted by seafood, fish, shrimp and the river are sold with delicious sauce.

Thai Jim Thompson House Museum:

Jim Thompson’s Jim Thompson House, also known as Jim’s House, is a museum that tells the story of Jim Thompson, the founder of Jim Thompson Thai Silk, and a leader in the creation of silk. Thailand is known around the world. Located at the end of Soi Kasemsan 2 Soi on the Rama 1 Road, not far from the BTS National Stadium.

Wat Phra Kaew:

If you visit Bangkok, Thailand. Please visit Emerald Buddha once. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Or Wat Phra Kaew It is also a major temple in various ceremonies. It is also a major tourist attraction in Thailand.


The market is one of the old district of the bank. Located on Tidid Rd. Here is the name of the food. I have to eat many original, you must not miss it. There is also a beautiful photo gallery in the old town, the Catholic Church and the railway station.

Wat Benchamabophitr Dusit Wanaram Ratchaworawihan:

 “Temple of King Rama V” is the perfect architecture of Thai art. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Naris. The temple is one of the most beautiful in Thailand, it is. Including a collection of ancient Buddha images in various times.


Who in the big city will not see the stars as we watch the stars to enjoy the planetarium here to create the youth to learn and spend time to be useful. Promote the study of astronomy science geography by letting students learn from the simulation of the real. But not just students. Now the planetarium is another tourist attraction of the city.

 Wat Arun Ratchawaram Ratchaworamawihan:

Wat Arun or Wat Arun is a temple built in the Ayutthaya period. Wat Arun Temple is one of the symbols of Bangkok. Known worldwide so if you travel to Bangkok. Do not visit the beauty of the Temple of the Temple of Dawn, say you do not come to Bangkok!

Grand Palace:

Built in the reign of Rama I, it is an important place to perform important Thai ceremonies. A tourist attraction the world’s third most popular.

Wat Pho Tha Tien:

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Wat Pho Tha Tien It is a monastery in the reign of King Rama I and is the first university in Thailand. Because it is included in many inscriptions. In addition, UNESCO has registered as a World Heritage Site of the Asia Pacific region in March 2008. 

The Thailand’s capital will leave you in amazement due to its rich culture, natural beauty, sights that take your breath away, amazing nightlife and modernization. In 2017, Bangkok was one of the top three cities that received the most tourists; finding cheap flights to Bangkok was on a roll on search engines. If you are still thinking of travelling to Bangkok, just stop, pack your bags and fly to explore a new world in this magnificent Asian city.

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