8 Points to Prove Glass Blunt is the Best Way of Smoking

Smoking has been made more fun for us than it was for us ancestors – all thanks to innovators. A few years back cigarettes and smoking pipes were the only ways to consume tobacco and other herbs. Now we have several choices like smoking masks, bongs, vaporizers and glass bunts to add to our experience. So many options often confuse us. Instead of getting confused, you should try every single one of them. For many people like me, glass bunt is the best way to go, and here I have shared why.

8 Points to Prove Glass Blunt is the Best Way of Smoking
8 Points to Prove Glass Blunt is the Best Way of Smoking

No Herbs Wasted

One of the best things about glass blunts is that it doesn’t let even the tiniest bit of the herb go to waste. All the stuff goes directly into the glass tube, which is also easier to fill. The type of device also affects your smoking experience. Make sure you get the best glass blunt from a popular vendor like Grass City that only sells quality products.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Rolling a paper and burning it isn’t exactly eco-friendly nor the cleanest approach to smoke. I know many of you all may not care about the ecosystem, but you the ash must annoy you. You know another great thing about glass blunts? There are cheap. You can get one for as low as $3.

No More Burns

Joints are conventional but not very easy to smoke. Often you will find yourself burning your fingers or lips. It takes all fun out of smoking. There is no such issue with glass blunts.

It Doesn’t Attract Attention

None of us like the judging eyes around us. Because of its small size, it’s discreet, and you can smoke it even in public. It gives almost the same experience as bigger devices but doesn’t attract attention like they do.

Easy and Quick to Use

Many of us find it frustrating to make preparations before we get to the smoking part. It especially takes extra time when you are using a hookah or bong. They usually have to be cleaned first. Glass Blunts are small in size and only take a few seconds to put your stuff in them.

No Need for Extra Materials

All you need is a glass blunt and the substance you are using – that’s it. No need to find water or set certain angles. But if you do like to make extra efforts, try using blunt with an apple or a bong for a better experience.

It’s Less Harmful

I can’t say smoking isn’t harmful, but glass bunt is relatively less harmful compared to joints. The reason is the paper used in them. Tobacco is used in the preparation of smoking papers which makes them more damaging.

It Doesn’t Break

Glass blunts are built with 2mm thick SCHOTT glass. You only need to know that it’s a tough substance which doesn’t break easily. A glass blunt isn’t something you have to buy every day. It’s built to last at least a few months with you.

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