Full-Suspension Or Hardtail – Which Bike Is Ideal for You?

Looking for a Scott genius 720 for sale? Good to see you have decided to commute to work on a stylish Scott Genius bike. If you have least or no idea of the specifications of a bike, you might end up buying a wrong Scott Genius for sale. You need to know which bike is ideal for you, single speed or multi-speed. weight, height, budget, type of brake, and there are several other specifications you have to consider when you are looking for new 2018 Scott Genius.

Full Suspension Or Hardtail Which Bike Is Ideal for You
Full Suspension Or Hardtail Which Bike Is Ideal for You

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In this article, you will learn whether you should buy a full-suspension bike or hardtail bike. A full-suspension bike comes with a rear shock and suspension fork up front. A hardtail bike, on the other hand, comes with a suspension fork only. Comfort, traction, and control of the bike greatly depend on the type of suspension. So, full-suspension or hardtail, which bike will offer an enjoyable ride? Budget and terrain are important factors new buyers should keep in mind while buying a bike. A full-suspension bike is not for you if your budget is tight. A full-suspension bike is perfect for technical trails. A hardtail bike is the right bike for commuters with a tight budget and riding on smoother trails.

Full-Suspension Bike


As compared to a hardtail bike, you will have to spend a little more even when you are buying an entry level high-quality bike.

Technical Trail

Full-suspension bikes are built for pedaling through rock gardens and other technical trails. The rear and front suspension of the bike offers a smoother ride. It offers the best traction and control on rough terrains.


A full-suspension bike is pretty good at absorbing shocks. This makes your ride on rough terrain comfortable, fatigue-free, longer, faster and safer.


A full-suspension bike is good for speedy rides as it easily absorbs bumps.

Hardtail Bikes


Got a tight budget? Don’t worry. High-quality hardtail bikes are easily available at pocket-friendly prices. So, even when you have a tight budget, you can make this bike yours. The design of these bikes is not as complicated as the design of full-suspension bikes. Manufacturers use shifters, derailleurs, brakes and other high-end components in these bikes.


You need to understand that this is not an all-terrain bike. A hardtail bike is suitable for smooth trials only. It offers fast and really fun rides. The front suspension fork can absorb moderate shock.


There are fewer moving parts in a hardtail bike. The design is very simple as compared to full-suspension bikes. This not only makes the bike cost-effective but easily maintainable as well. However, it does not mean that the bike demands no maintenance. Basic maintenance is still required.


The full-suspension bike is a little heavier due to its complicated design. A hardtail bike consists of fewer parts and its design is also very simple. So, these bikes weigh less and therefore ideal for covering long distances.

Light-weight, high-end, full-suspension bikes are also available, but you have to fork out cash more for that.

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