Factors to Consider Before Marriage

Marriage is a life-long adventure that can either be amazing or a disaster, depending on how well you have prepared yourself for it. Furthermore, engagements are usually a happy period, considering the anticipation of telling the whole world your news.

During this period, a lot of activities may happen, from parties to exciting wedding planning. Nonetheless, it is wise to note that the engagement period is possibly the best time to think long and hard about whether you want to spend the rest of your life with this particular person.

Factors to Consider Before Marriage
Factors to Consider Before Marriage

Considering questions about real-life issues can help you make a decision. Many married couples have the notation that love can conquer everything. However, according to recent research, many married couples’ break up due to conflict from issues such as money, religion, sex, and other responsibilities.

Married couples may agree that considering questions to ask yourself before saying “I DO” reduces the chances of filing for a divorce in the years after. Furthermore, it helps to understand whether your wife/husband is actually right for you.

To ensure you are entering a compatible and healthy union, here are some questions that you should ask yourself before getting married:

What Do I Treasure in My Partner?

Recent research indicates that for a marriage to be successful, couples should share at least 64% of their values. Besides, sharing core values such as faithfulness and honesty are crucial to having a happy, healthy and long-lasting marriage. Knowing these core values you treasure in your partner helps you to love him/her more every day.

What Are Your Career Objectives?

Careers help you to grow both mentally and financially, and so can have a noticeable effect on your relationship. It is wise to clearly understand what each person in the relationship wants to achieve and what plans they have. Defining each other’s career objectives helps you understand and respect each other.  For example, if your partner is a workaholic, you will learn how to cope so you can make your marriage happier.

Nowadays, it is much simpler to learn about your partner’s objectives beforehand. Dating sites such as happymatches.com provide a bio section where people seeking love highlight their details and other relevant information such as career highlights.

How Comfortable Are You with Family?

A marriage combines your family and that of your partner, thus creating one extended family which can have a significant impact on your marriage. Extended families are known to have some influence, and they can build or destroy a marriage. Hence, having in-depth knowledge about your partner’s family and how well they match with your family may well determine how long your marriage will last.

Do You Enjoy Intimacy?

According to a survey, 61% of married couples state that sexual and emotional satisfaction are crucial to having a long-lasting marriage. If your partner doesn’t sexually satisfy you, then you may be tempted to be unfaithful, which can result in heartbreak and later a divorce. Most pre-marital counselors cite that healthy intimacy yields a happy marriage.

How Does Your Partner Make You Feel?

Does your partner make you feel happy and motivated? How your partner makes you feel determines the path of your marriage. For example, if your partner is always determined to make you happy, then you will enjoy the journey of marriage.

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