Everything you need to know about the National Scholarship Exam 2018

Everything you need to know about the National Scholarship Exam

A huge population has always been the cause of concern for our country. Being the second most populous nation in the world, we are left with meagre per capita income as compared to other nations. This also means a general lack of opportunities and higher competition. Competitive exams thus become essential in shortlisting deserving candidates. They become crucial in scenarios where the applicants are much higher in number than the seats offered. Most of the reputed institutions now rely solely on competitive exams to select applicants. For a student, the competitive exams are a means of getting entry into premium institutions. These exams also help them assess their knowledge and provide them a clear understanding of their shortcomings. National Scholarship Exam is one such competitive exam that helps students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Everything you need to know about the National Scholarship Exam
Everything you need to know about the National Scholarship Exam

National Scholarship Exam 2018

The National Scholarship Exam is conducted by the National Institute of Career Education (NICE) foundation. The exam is a multiple-choice question–based paper that intends to develop students’ reasoning power and decision-making ability. There are 100 objective based questions with each question carrying 1 mark. The paper is divided into four sections, namely Mathematics & General Science, General Knowledge, Reasoning & Analytical and Comprehension. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes and there is no negative marking. Moreover, it is an online-only exam. The NICE foundation has started accepting applications for the National Scholarship Exam 2018 and the application portal will be open till 30th September.

About NICE foundation

The NICE foundation is a Government Registered Foundation, registered under the Trust Act 1882. The foundation has been working in the field of education, commercial training, outdoor activity and social activity. It was formed with an aim of providing future generations of students a better learning framework which could prepare them to cope with the market demands. NICE foundation, through various platforms, provides training to students for competitive exams, jobs and fellowships.

Eligibility criteria

Students from class 5 to 12 from either SSC or ICSE or CBSE are eligible to apply for this exam. Also, first- to third-year students of any stream of diploma and degree from any university can apply.

Application procedure

First of all, the applicant needs to register as a new user on the official website of NICE foundation here. It takes less than 24 hours for the account to get approved. The applicant can then proceed with filling the application form after receiving the activation mail. After filling in all the basic and mandatory details, upload the required documents. An application fee of INR 400 should be paid. A late fee of INR 50 is applicable for applications submitted after the last date. In the end, submit the application to complete the procedure.

Benefits of the scholarship

The amount of the scholarship awarded depends on the educational level and rank of the student. For students of 5th standard who clear the exam, an amount in the region of INR 5000 to 9000 is awarded. For 6th standard students, the scholarship amount is in the region of INR 6000 to 10000. Similarly, the amount is in the region of INR 7000 to 11000 and INR 8000 to 12000 for the students of 7th and 8th standard, respectively. For the 9th standard, it is INR 9000 to 13000. The amount is INR 10000 to 14000 and INR 11000 to 15000 for standard 10 and 11, respectively. For class 12, the scholarship is INR 12000 to 16000 and it is INR 10000 to 30000 for diploma. A degree student can win a scholarship amount of INR 15000 to 35000 on clearing this exam. Along with these awards, best school, best principal and best teacher awards are also given.

The application portal for the National Scholarship Exam 2018 is open only until 30 September. More details about the exam along with the application link can be found on the Buddy4Study website.

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