The Essential Accessories For Your Camping Ute!

Accessories For Your Camping

Australia is a vast continent full of great natural beauty, a world of adventure just waiting for you to explore it! The best way to get out and experience all the wonders Australia has to offer is to hit the road in your trusty ute kitted up for camping! The real excitement starts off road where you can experience the heart of nature up close and personal, with the freedom to go anywhere and stay as long as you like, just as long as you are well supplied!

Aluminium ute canopies

The first thing that serious road camping veterans will tell you that you need to begin your adventures are the aluminium ute canopies they use to store and carry their precious camping equipment and supplies while far away from any of civilization’s conveniences. The rugged, but lightweight aluminum structure will keep the elements off, and give you plenty of options to stow the important things that you will need as you sit by the campfire far away from the city lights!

There is always going to be a list a mile long of things you should take along with you on an extended outing, but before you start compiling it, let’s make sure you have the essential fittings in place to build off of, with a place for everything so you can put everything in its place! Here are our go-to accessories:

Kitchen Slide

Making meals in the wilderness doesn’t have to be a challenge for survival after you have spent a long day driving through all the wildest terrain the continent can throw at you, spending a lot of time cooking instead of relaxing isn’t what you really want to do! Instead of having to unload a whole bunch of pots and pans and set up a stove or cookfire, just pull out your kitchen slide where everything is ready for you to cook up a storm without a lot of fuss!

12V Accessories

These great accessories might even be accused of making things a bit too easy when you are out roughing it! The following are some of our favorites for you to consider adding to your ute camping canopy!

  • Fridge – Ice is great for a day at the park with your portable cooler, but it melts over long hours on the road! If you plan to be out in the bush for days on end then you need to be able to keep your perishable foods fresh and cool. You will really appreciate your fridge when you tuck into that tasty ham and cheese sandwich and crispy side salad instead of trying to satisfy yourself with a bag of crisps! Cold beer? Yes, please!
  • Oven – While cooking up a batch of smoky sausages over the crackling wood fire is wonderful fun, these days there are a lot of areas where open fires are forbidden due to dry conditions! While a cold sandwich is great for lunch, when it comes to breakfast and dinner you will be glad for a good, hot meal!

Obviously, eating is our top priority, but there are many more great accessories for your ute canopy! Now, load up and go, the road to the wilderness awaits!

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