Build-A-Bear is Holding Its First Ever-Pay Your Age Day

Do you know what the most exciting day is for the kids? “Pay Your Age Day!” What is ‘Pay Your Age Day exactly? This special and exciting event takes place in stores on Thursday, 12th of July. This day is all about fun, you can spend your day at the store with your little ones (kids) and they can buy their soft, fluffy friends only at the price of their own age! Can’t believe that, right? But it is true. Any stuffed animal of your kids own choice only at the price of their own age!

Build-A-Bear is Holding Its First Ever-Pay Your Age Day
Build-A-Bear is Holding Its First Ever-Pay Your Age Day in association with Build-A-Bear is here to provide you online service to enjoy this amazing day with your little ones. Now you can stay at home in bed with your kids and take advantage of this beneficial day with your kids through We have a wide variety of all the amazing soft, cute stuffed animals that your kids are going to love. So let your kids chose from Halfworth and start the fun at your house only.

This special event takes place at the stores as a birthday-exclusive year round off for all the kids and children under the age of 14 years. Children can visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop and receive a birthday gift. With you can now enjoy with your little one sitting at home ordering their very own fluffy friend online. We would be pleased to be a part and moreover be a reason for the happiness of our customers. has a variety of cute, amazing, soft and fluffy stuffed animals for your kids so they can chose their birthday gifts themselves without having to compromise, only at the price of their own age!

Must be wondering how to be a part of it, right? Well, this special in-store offer is for all the members of Build-A-Bear club only at America, Canada and the UK. In order to enjoy this day, customers over the age of 18 must be the members of the loyalty club or should be registered online, children who want to be a part of this day must have a member of the loyalty club along with them at the stores or online.

If you want to get out of the trouble of huge waiting lines and want to buy the cutest and fluffiest animals at the first go for your children, so register now at to get rid of all the troubles you might have to face.

Build-A-Bear tells us that the minimum someone can pay to have fun at this special day is JUST $1 whereas the maximum you would have to pay would just be $29 including all the taxes. No hidden taxes are included so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can only limit one guest. Build-A-Bear says that you cannot combine this Pay-Your-Age deal with any other deal. The amount is to be paid only at the time of the purchase which is based on the age of your little one. So make sure you bring your kids along with you to have fun at this special day.

You can also enroll in a Build-A-Bear bonus club. You can register it through us. Wondering the benefits you are going to receive from enrolling? Well, some of them are mentioned below for you,

  • It won’t cost you a penny, it is free!
  • You will earn some extra points on your purchases to use awards.
  • It would be easier to participate in all in the fun programs.
  • You get early entree and special offers by us.
  • You get enrolled in Find-A-Bear ID program automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Register now with us and enjoy this day at the lowest price with your little ones.

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