Best Law and Engineering College in Lucknow

BabuBanarasi Das University (BBDU) – the top college in Lucknow offering reputed degrees in Law and Engineering

Every year, thousands of students opt for Bachelor of Legislative Law or LL.B. degree course to pursue a career in Law. The domain has emerged as one of the most sought-after fields in India as evident from the growing numbers of aspirants taking the prestigious CLAT each year. The increase in interest towards the field could be attributed to the truth that the Law degree opens up a range of career prospects in criminal law, corporate law, civil law, entertainment law, and several other niche law fields.

Best Law and Engineering College in Lucknow
Best Law and Engineering College in Lucknow

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that is an anexponential increase in the competition to get admission to the Top Law College in Lucknow. While traditional law colleges top the overall ratings for the best colleges in India, private institutes do not lag behind. Ranked among the best law colleges, BabuBanarasi Das University (BBDU) is the Top Law College in Lucknow approved by the Bar Council of India.

Why is it best to join BBDU for your LL.B. degree?

Law, as a subject, appeals to students who seek to develop their conceptual thinking and analytical skills. In an attempt to sharpen the intellectual strength and practical approach of students so that they can become successful lawyers, journalists, managers, police officers, or take up any other preferred profession, BBDU established its LLB college campus in Lucknow in 2010 and has been providing quality education to all its students. Their department of legal education prepares students so that they have a successful professional career ahead. Here is why BBDU is regarded as the Top Law College in Lucknow:

  • BBDU’sSchool of Legal Studies offers 5 year BBA, LLB Integrated program where the students are taught the most comprehensive Law curriculum which prepares their practical knowledge as well as theoretical concepts to the core, thus, making it the Top Law College in Lucknow.
  • The pedagogy is planned around the most modern initiatives in legal education that combines skills, information and values. The curriculum is imparted through highly-qualified, competent and passionate teachers with the involvement of international experts, the members of the Bar and Bench and mentors from the thecorporate sector.
  • The campus is equipped with the requisite facilities and infrastructure that allows the dissemination of quality teaching and achievement of academic excellence. The technology-driven research culture and training programmes enrich students with the specialized skills so that they can foray into various career fields such as Finance, Technology, Governance, Banking, Insurance, Corporate Sector, Forensics, Immigration, and Environment to name a few.
  • The School of Legal Studies is committed to serving society by launching pro-bono activities to help people through legal aid camps and community lawyering.

Studying law at BBDU provides you with the opportunity to develop an array of skills and study various aspects of the real world. The program is designed to sharpen your intelligence, strengthen your knowledge, and broaden your experience across the fields of social sciences and humanities.

Engineering is one of the most satisfying professions in terms of career opportunities and remuneration. Getting admission into a reputed engineering college is a complex process as the aspirants must successfully qualify the entrance examination and counseling session. Even if you make to the top engineering college, the cost of education can be too high. Therefore, you should look for a college that offers better returns and ensures a respectable job.

Why BBDU is best for pursuing your (B.Tech) degree?

An engineering graduate is well-respected in the corporate world as well as the research field for his/her ability to constantly innovate and discover unknown concepts. If you have a knack for reasoning and love to work with machines, BabuBanarasi Das University has the best Engineering College in Lucknow that offers top Engineering degrees in disciplines such as electronics and communication engineering, computer science engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The college is permanently affiliated to DrA.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. Here are some features that make BBDU the best Engineering College in Lucknow:

  • The world-class engineering campus attracts the most reputed companies for placement and internship opportunities every year. The college has functional training centers that improve the communication skills of students, prepare them to clear the selection rounds of interviews and write their own industry-standard resumes.
  • In order to impart quality education, the college maintains the right student-faculty ratio that meets the standards set by the government. This ensures that every student gets the required attention and the teachers can properly deliver the curriculum.
  • Considering that the engineering field requires lots of practical work, the School of Engineering at BabuBanarasi Das University (BBDU) is well-equipped with proper instruments, labs, and most modern infrastructure.
  • The best Engineering College in Lucknow offers the most recent curriculum that prepares students for the forthcoming requirements and demands. The courses offered here include (B.Tech) for beginners as well as advanced learning (M.Tech and Ph.D.) in the core engineering disciplines to meet the country’s growing need for qualified engineers.
  • The college is known for numerous research papers published every year by its scholars. The institute is committed to strengthening research capabilities of students and promoting innovative ideas in the area of technology.

Despite the rising number of engineering institutes in India, the demand for engineers has proliferated over the years. This indicates a huge gap between conceptual knowledge imparted at the colleges and the required expertise that differentiates you as a qualified engineer. With the intention of bridging this gap by imparting the right curriculum through expert teachers and the latest infrastructure, BBDU laid the foundation of its School of Engineering offering diverse career options after completion of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) program. You can pursue a Masters or Ph.D. degree in engineering from the same campus. Apart from this, you can pursue an MBA and gain management skills. Other promising fields include nanotechnology and biotechnology.

As rightly stated by the experts, engineering is not just any degree, but it offers a whole new perspective towards building a career where you can amalgamate your creative thinking with practical understanding and come up with innovative solutions that make life easier for people.

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