Best Designs of Flower Chaadar for Bride to Enhance her Bridal Look

Did you know? The “phoolon ki chaadar” was originally meant to ward off evil eyes and keep the bride looking her absolute best, surrounded by a bed of flowers, on her wedding. While the concept might have changed, the sentiment remains. The phoolon ki chaadar these days is often carried by the bride’s brothers and uncles, as her father walks with her under it. The entire ritual is one of loving protectiveness towards the young bride. It’s that epic moment when you put your first foot forward in your own wedding and every pair of eyes are on YOU! Scary? Nervous? Excited? It’s okay to be all of that when you get married this season in any of the banquet halls in Delhi for marriage.Usually, it is a blanket of flowers but with the changing preferences of the people, the wedding objects are becoming more innovative and artistic these days.

Best Designs of Flower Chaadar for Bride
Best Designs of Flower Chaadar for Bride

After all, every bride deserves that “kabira” entry, doesn’t she? We have curated some out of the box Phoolon ki Chaddar ideas that you can take inspiration from for your wedding!

Beads or Pearls and Threads:-

Beads and pearls are an every season decorating item, a flower chaadar for bride decorated with white artificial pearls and hanging flowers is a steady and pretty option. Thread ridge can be used instead of flowers which can flow like bells and look beautiful. You can also add chimes to the end of the hanging frill to create a ringing sound while the bride walks towards her groom.


Using a beautiful dupatta from your mother’s wedding dress is an amazing option with a lot of emotions attached. It will definitely make your guests admire the whole idea while creating a special memory for you and your mother. You can go for any colour with polka dots and flowers. You can also go for a beautiful zardosi and tilla chaadar as it will add the royal touch to your wedding entry.


Standing apart from other flowers, Zerbera or daisy flowers are very pretty, look so elegant and divine. Using two or three contrasting zerbera flowers, a chaadar can be created for that perfect entry. A string of beads or pearls can be used and zerbera flowers can be placed at a distance with each other to create a chaadar which stands out acts as a mesmerising entry option. The total look is bound to leave all mesmerised!


Umbrellas look
Umbrellas look

Umbrellas are fast becoming a favourite trend as they add that fun element and look lovely over a bride.  Giving the traditional chaadar a miss, a bride can beautifully opt for umbrellas decorated with elegant white flowers instead. Of course, you can always experiment with the colours, but choose wisely taking into account the time of the wedding rituals.

Marigold Chaadar:-

Everyone generally goes for jasmine flowers and roses for a flower chaadar for Indian wedding. This season you can do something different and opt for a beautiful marigold chaader with latkans of green leaves and marigold to make a difference. It’s not very common and will definitely have a long lasting impression on the crowd, apart from of course, leaving a pretty and everlasting mark on the bride!

The Framed Effect:-

A nice way to frame the flowers. Get the flower arrangement framed from all the sides so that it’s easy to hold. You can do different arrangements for the center and choose a different arrangement with other flowers for the frame. You can also match the colors of the flowers to your dress for the perfect customization.

Kalira Chaddar:-

Kalira are one of the prettiest accessories a bride adorns on her big day. Adding a bit of them makes everything better. It’s needless to say how gorgeous a chaadar made out of them, looks!Kaliras are a part of Hindu and Punjabi wedding traditions but they have been in demand across the country. The flower chaadar for bride is decorated with kaliras in many parts of India. Kaliras as a décor element has been popular due to the awesomeness it creates.


A chaadar covered with colourful lights over a plain cloth or white lights over colourful cloth is a pitch perfect idea if your wedding is more on the funky side. For more thoughts and ideas you can check out Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, a Bollywood movie where the actress enters her wedding venue under a lighted chaadar. It is a lovely and unique idea for a phoolon ki chaadar, we must say! A bride is already glowing on her big day, but to add that extra soft glow to your face during your entry, you can have pretty fairy light added to your chaadar.

Pom Poms

Colourful thread balls or popularly known as pom poms look really pleasing to the eyes owing to the vibrant colours oozing cuteness. With pom poms, you needn’t add other elements as the entire chaadar filled with pom poms is enough to decorate it. It looks trendy and cutesy adding an element of uniqueness to your wedding day.

Gold Mesh

Instead of a floral chadar, opt for a delicate golden wired mesh which gives off shine in bright lights. You can cover the boundaries of the frame with flowers and pretty tassels. This will also be very light weight and can assist you well in carrying. Gold mesh is sued popularly these days and looks divine, elegant and simple but absolutely gorgeous, all at the same time.

Geisha style:-

Geisha styled umbrellas adorned with flowers is just such a cool idea for flower chaadar for Indian wedding. As a bride, you will totally slayyour bridal entry. You may have spotted this trend at a wedding or two! It is unusual, funny and makes for a great photo-op. To perfectly compliment the bright outfits of the entourage, you can select bright hued blooms with leaves and ferns here.

The Delicate Jaali Look:-

This would be an absolute stunner if yours is a night wedding!With a jaali made of rajnigandha and strings of pink lotus buds hanging from it, we are transfixed by this ethereal chaadar. Perfect for a din ki shaadi.

The bride’s entrance is a monumental moment and she’s got to be prepared for this occasion rightfully. She has always dreamt of walking down the aisle towards her husband surrounded by her brothers, sisters and special ones. From an emotional point of view, the importance this chaadar holds for the bride and her parents is also expressed better when she walks down the aisle like an angel carrying the love and teachings of her parents on her petite shoulders. So, choose your chaadar wisely and look beautiful under the canopy of your dreams!

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