10 Best Designer Cakes To Delight Your Kids On Their Special Days

Kids love playing more than anything else. Right? So, do something special for your lovely kids with magician Singapore to maintain their excitement level in playing and grow it more and more. Gift designer cakes to them on any occasion and make them learn, eat, and play with their favourite cartoon characters and toys.  Well, there is a plethora of designer cakes available in the market which can help you to make any special day even more special by gifting a unique designer cake to the kids. Here are some of the kid’s special designer cakes listed below which will help you to surprise your kids and also make them feel truly loved.

10 Best Designer Cakes To Delight Your Kids On Their Special Days
10 Best Designer Cakes To Delight Your Kids On Their Special Days

Alphabet Shaped Cake

Kids love to receive their favourite cake in the shape of the first alphabet of their names. So, whatever the occasion is you can delight your kid by gifting them a wonderful alphabet shaped cake and make them feel special. It will surely be liked by them.

Minions Fondant Cake

Kids love to see minions and play with this wonderful cartoon character. Therefore, gifting them a delectable minion fondant cake on any of their special days is a brilliant idea. Let your kids play with minions and enjoy the super delicious taste of their favourite cake.


As you know, these days kids are enjoying playing PUBG therefore, it will be one of the best ideas to make your kids feel surprised by gifting it on their special days. Go for such kind of designer cakes and make the special days of kids unforgettable for them

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse is a kid’s all-time favourite then why not to delight them by giving a special Mickey Mouse designer cake on any special occasion? Well, grab the golden opportunity of surprising your lovely kid, gift them their favourite cartoon in the form of a delicious cake.

Car Designer Fondant Cake

Kids always enjoy playing with toys. Right? Well, surprising them by giving a toy-themed fondant cake will be one of the best ideas which will definitely be going to win their heart. So, what are you waiting for? Just, place your order for any of the toy-themed cake like a car designer fondant cake and make your kid feel happier.

Barbie Fondant Cake

If it is your little angle’s birthday then you can’t go wrong with the selection of a Barbie fondant cake. If you choose a pink colour for the cake then it will add extra charm to your gift because girls prefer pink colour the most. So, make your lovely daughter feel like an angle on her very special day.

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Penguin Snowman Fondant Cake

Give a chance to your kids to play with a unique character in the form of a delectable cake. Yes, bring a penguin snowman fondant cake on any special day like birthdays, Children’s day, etc. at home and make your children get familiar with these awesome characters.

Mobile Designer Fondant Cake

Give a special gift to your kids on any special day in the form of a mobile designer fondant cake. It is a type of cake which will surely be loved by them wholeheartedly because seeing mobile in the form of cake will make them more excited about having some more.

Nutty Snickers Cake

If your kids love to eat chocolate more than other edible things then give them their favourite nutty snickers chocolate in the form of a mouth-watering nutty snickers cake. The super yummy designer cake will be quite enough to make your kids enjoy any special day at the peak of happiness.

ABC Themed Cake

Make your kids enjoy learning while playing with friends. Yes, order an ABC themed cake for special occasions for kids and let them enjoy playing, learning, eating, etc. with their friends and family members. It will make them excited and interested in all the needful activities on a regular basis.

So, go for any of the aforementioned designer cakes and make special occasions for your children full of excitement and entertainment.

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