Beach Trips from Pune – Self Drive Adventures

Beach trips from Pune offer thrilling self-drive adventures perfect for weekend getaways. As you navigate through the scenic Western Ghats, you’re greeted by the inviting coastlines of Konkan, with destinations like Alibaug, Ratnagiri, and Ganpatipule promising sun-kissed sands and serene waters. These road trips are a delightful mix of winding roads, lush greenery, and coastal beauty, creating unforgettable memories. For those seeking an international escapade after exploring the local shores, considering a voyage on Indonesia cruise ships can extend the adventure, offering luxurious sea travel experiences across the picturesque Indonesian archipelago, adding a touch of exotic charm to your travel diaries.

What better way to signal the change of seasons than by a trip out of the city with the best mates and a good playlist. The drive from Pune to the coast is always mesmerizing, as the dramatic gorges and valleys slowly meander into rolling forest ranges and finally, the sultry spray of the sea welcomes the road trippers. With a self drive car easily available at any time, an uncompromised experience awaits. Here are the top beach trips one should take from Pune this winter.

Beach Trips from Pune – Self Drive Adventures
Beach Trips from Pune – Self Drive Adventures

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Gokarna boasts ancient culture and it is also a haven for the bohemian. The beaches and scraggly hills offer a beautiful setting with the azure waters of the Arabian Sea in the background. Karnataka’s most famous beach town often referred to as a mini-Goa but distinctive in many ways, is a 540-km trip south from Pune. Attractions in the main town include the Mahabaleshwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Other famous temples here are the Bhadrakali Temple and the Maha Ganapathi Temple. The Om Beach is the centerpiece attraction but Kudle and Half Moon Beach are also loved by those who want to step away from the crowd.


The state of Goa is always a vibrant place to visit at any time of the year. Pune residents can enjoy the 450-km journey via AH47 and stops include the town of Kolhapur, famous for its crafts, footwear, and spicy non-vegetarian food.

Goa is not a destination that can be summed up in a few words. Apart from the iconic beaches like Baga and Candolim, there are also many forts spread around the coast. Travellers can intersperse their seaside revelry with some historical detours. The forts come with magnificent views of the ocean and estuaries as the waves crash into their lower bastions. Goa is also a great place for seafood – Panaji has many restaurants serving local fare. Delicacies of India’s sunshine state make a long list – some that cannot be missed are vindaloo, xacuti, caffrael, dangar (fish cutlets) and tondak.


If one is pressed for time, Alibaug makes a good option for a seaside holiday. It is a 140-km drive west. There are many serene beaches in and around the town – Kashid, Varsoli and Alibaug Beach are just some of them. The town also has an interesting history and a visit to the Alibaug Fort is recommended. Other attractions here include a synagogue and the Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple.

The best way to explore the sights and sounds of this enigmatic region is by travelling on one’s own terms. This is why smart travellers are choosing the self drive option. For those looking for a good and affordable car rental Pune has the top choice. In a rental one can enjoy complete privacy, especially important if it is an all-female group or a family. With app-based platforms like Zoomcar, registered customers can book a car in seconds. They get to choose from the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs while also enjoying perks like 24/7 on-road support wherever they are. That is another security assurance that top rentals offer.

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