AvaTrade Review: New Developments and Information about the Broker

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is a well-known company with over 14 years of experience and a globally recognized brand. The company has been quite active recently and made several interesting innovations. For some, this news is nothing jaw-dropping. However, some people will be interested in the changes that AvaTrade made to its products for the last several years.

One of the biggest changes is that the company decided to partner with Traders Union, a global organization uniting both traders and brokers to offer a better ecosystem for all participants of the Forex industry. Traders Union offers a special TU account that you can open at AvaTrade to enjoy special benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Get up to 100% of the spread amount in rebates;
  • Receive additional legal support;
  • Get double the rewards in the two-level affiliate system.

AvaTrade is expanding its network and builds long-lasting partnerships with other participants of the industry to ensure that its brand stays strong.

Technological advancements

AvaTrade considers itself a leader when it comes to the implementation of new technology. The broker was among the first adopters of CFD trading offering a variety of assets to its clients including commodities, stocks, and indices. Recently, the company was in the vanguard of cryptocurrency trading inviting thousands of its clients to work using the most advanced form of currency.

One of the recent innovations is the AvaProtect feature which is a risk management tool. When you make trades but lose money, the AvaTradeGO app and the modified terminal WebTrader can use the AvaProtect system to cut your losses essentially protecting you from losing too much on a single deal.

The technological side of AvaTrade is quite impressive in general. For example, the company has introduced AvaTradeGO — an app that offers a multitude of analytical tools and a user-friendly interface to manage your account. All users can use other platforms seamlessly integrated into the AvaTrade ecosystem:

  • MetaTrader versions 4 and 5. These terminals earned respect from millions of traders from all across the globe. MT4 and MT5 offer an unmatched level of customizability and flexibility with literally thousands of add-ons and indicators readily available for free!
  • WebTrader is a terminal for people who trade regularly on different devices. It is a compact yet powerful tool that can be accessed in any web browser such as Firefox and Chrome. The toolkit of this terminal is rich with commonly used indicators and graphical instruments.
  • Social trade via Zulu is another important tool implemented in the AvaTrade ecosystem. It allows you to follow the best traders and copy their actions to make money together with the most successful people in the Forex industry.

Technology is very important for any contemporary broker. It is quite nice that this particular one is leading the way in many aspects of technological progress when it comes to Forex trading.

Safe and secure

While we focused mostly on technology in this AvaTrade review, there are many aspects of this company that also deserve attention. Security is more than just crucial in the age of the ever-present internet. This broker focuses heavily on creating solutions that ensure increased protection for its users.

Data protection is one of the most prioritized aspects of the business. Several features make the level of safety and security very high:

  • The website is using 256-bit SSL encryption to make all data transfers unreadable for third parties;
  • The True-Site identity assurance seal further improves the safety;
  • Any fraudulent activities involving your credentials is highly unlikely thanks to McAfee Secure tools;
  • AvaTrade has a special fund completely separated from clients’ money.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of thought and care invested in the products offered by AvaTrade. The broker does not sway away from the core principle that made it an important player in the market: technology is key to success.

If you are interested in working with a company that never stops developing new exciting ways to improve its products and services, AvaTrade is surely one of the best choices out there. With its strong commitment to constant improvement and state-of-the-art tech, it is a broker that deserves every ounce of attention that you can spare.

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