The Steps And Advice Of Academic Assignment Writing

Academic assignments are probably the type of homework that is more required at the university level than any other job by teachers. An academic assignment is a reflection on what we have understood from a topic or lesson; this same academic assignment demonstrates the additional effort we make to expand the information received in the classroom or textbook. Furthermore, it enables the teacher to see how analytical we are when selecting and commenting on the respective material. That is why an academic assignment needs to be written in the correct way so that our teacher can analyze the work we present.

Advice Of Academic Assignment Writing
Advice Of Academic Assignment Writing

There are seven main steps to write a good academic assignment:

  1. Analyze or determine the question we are going to answer.
  2. Search and read related information.
  3. Accredit the information.
  4. Establish a thesis.
  5. Organize the material.
  6. Review the draft.

Analyze or determine the question we are going to answer:

The first thing we must do is determine what question we are going to answer with our work and from here we decide the kind of academic assignment we are going to write. The question we have to answer is the one that will direct the tone of the whole text. Some documents need to explain a concept, while others expect you to compare or contrast between two or more concepts; still, others expect us to defend a position or explain our opinion. It is very important to analyze any word that stands out from the research question or topic. A few words are more significant than others and need to be defined as part of academic work.

Search and read related information

After making sure the kind of question we have to answer the following steps are more comfortable. We must now look for information related to the subject we are going to discuss, defend, define, explain, argue, or analyze. The information is mainly found in textbooks; Internet articles; newspapers; journals; interviews with subject experts; radio and television interviews; and any other medium that contains information related to the topic we are going to work on. A serious academic assignment will not only present points that favor our position, but it will also present those that are not in favor and refute them with sustenance. To be able to meet your most sophisticated needs with any sort of academic assignment.

Accredit the information

It is a rule of general observance that we must recognize the sources from which the information we present comes; this has two purposes; first, it certifies the truthfulness and reliability of the information. In this way, adequate sustenance is provided to our views, and our task will reflect quality, according to the authors we cite. On the other hand, crediting information means informing our readers that we do not know everything and therefore we are not plagiarizing the information or work of other people. The accreditation of information is one of the most serious characteristics of any academic work; and distinguishes it from any other writing, apart from separating it from rumors or unsubstantiated assertions.

Establish a thesis

Once we have determined what we should answer in our work; we have already established the sources of information. It is time or a moment to develop a thesis. What is a thesis? In simple words, a thesis is a tentative answer you give yourself to the question based on what you know or have read. After the initial question; the thesis is the most important thing in it. The thesis controls the academic assignment completely; all its main points are developed from this, and all the points that support it will illustrate your task. When we establish our thesis, we must ensure that we have an idea that controls everything. This idea should not be as broad or as specific; if it is very wide, there will be no need to write the rest of the academic assignment, and if it is very specific, we will leave areas unexplained.

Organize the material

An academic assignment must be well organized. It must have a coherent structure that helps the reader to realize its content and thesis. When we have all the information and ideas together, we must decide what we are going to include and which not; also in what order we will present it to the reader and how we will change from one point to another.

When you start your work you will need to identify your main ideas and make sure that you can support each of them with sufficient details; details that must be at the same time based on the literature or interviews and then properly cite them.

As above, it may sound a bit confusing; it is very important to elaborate before starting to write a sketch that gives us a visual image of what our final academic work will be. Create a sketch that allows you to establish the main ideas and secondary ideas that support them. In this way, we can remind ourselves when and where to use a certain concept or present the information we have gathered. This is very useful also in those long academic works such as the degree works.


No matter how it doesn’t come out the first time, there will always be an opportunity to improve it. Write everything you think on paper or in the blog. It doesn’t have to be accurate from the first time as we said; Use formal or informal language depending on which readers you are targeting. Use precise words and only the necessary ones; texts that extend more than necessary become boring. When we are mentioning, other authors paraphrase what they say instead of quoting or copying verbatim.

Review the draft

The review of an academic assignment consists of two steps: editing and checking. Editing is the process of reading our academic work completed more than once and asking ourselves that ideas are also organized. What is the tone of the language used? Are these words the most appropriate? Is the writing concise? Are the links or unions between the two paragraphs clear?

The next step is to check your academic assignment. We reread all the work looking for obvious errors such as writing, spelling mistakes, punctuation or grammar and correct them. It is much easier to do it now on the computer than later when the final works have been delivered. Before giving your assignment to your teacher, make sure that you meet all the requirements that this tax.


The most common way in which teachers evaluate a job is through conclusion; in this place, the place shows how much he will have learned through the investigation of the topic in question. The conclusion has certain parameters that must be met; in conclusion, we synthesize the information or criticize a point of view; it is like the last hammer that is given to our work. It is not a summary of what we write.


To correctly cite a work it is necessary to study well the ways in which we must do it; at this time we will only say that it is necessary to indicate the name of the author or writers; the name of the cited book or article; the city and publishing house where it was printed as well as the year whether it is printed texts or books. If they are documents online, it will be enough to place the web address from which it was extracted and the date we consulted it.

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