A Beginners Guide for Auto Glass Replacement

The innovation and digitization of modern vehicle design requires professional finesse when it comes to auto glass replacement. Everything from your windshield, side glasses to your sunroof is not only a part of the overall frame but connected with digital features of the car. Damaging your power window motor while repairing the sunroof is not really what you would have intended.

Today we will take a look at how exactly to reduce the cost of auto glass replacement and what signs indicated immediate action. A great idea is to acquire the professional services of an auto glass replacement company. These highly specialized service providers are there to assist you with speedy auto glass replacement with instantly available parts for your vehicle brand.

Seven Habits to Reduce Auto Glass Replacement Costs

A much simpler way to protect your auto glass from needing replacement for a while at all is to develop a sense of safety for your vehicle. Here are seven quick tips to keep your auto glass safe from critical damage all year long.

  1. Never clean the glass with a sponge or cotton cloth, use a microfiber cloth instead.
  2. Avoid using ammonia based chemical cleaners on your car glasses; it degrades the strength of the windows & windshields.
  3. Park your car in shaded spaces in the summer and winter. Extreme temperatures can rupture the resins and cause the adhesive to weaken.
  4. Always cover your cart with innovative parachute or multilayered cotton full car covers.
  5. Refrain from parking under trees with heavy branches, especially in rainy seasons.
  6. NEVER in any circumstances choose to bang your car doors in anger. DON’T TAKE IT OUT on the car! This can severely damage the frames of all the glass parts.
  7. Consider a professional touch by having your auto glass parts & motors serviced by a licensed technician.

Five Signs Your Auto Glass Needs Replacement

It’s easy to spot out when your auto glass replacements are due, especially in older vehicles. Signs like fogging windows, impaired vision, worn out side glasses, a broken sunroof, and scratches can all happen over time.

Here are five signs that indicate your auto glass replacements are due:

  1. The windshield awkwardly reflects light during night time. This can happen over time due to scratches and constant wiper use.
  2. The windshield gets foggy when temperatures fall. The adhesive on the side has worn away over time and causes air to get through between the layers of glass.
  3. Your power windows are coming up and going down too slowly or getting stuck half way. This can be simple misalignment of the glass or the motor having issues.
  4. A smaller chip has developed in to a longer crack now threatening vision, and is a possible accident hazard.
  5. You smell burning wires while operating the sunroof, side mirrors, or power windows. This can be a burnt fuse and even wires, always consider safety first.

How can a Professional Auto Glass Replacement Company Help

Professional auto glass replacement companies specialize in two things, speedy repairs and licensed technicians. Glass Genie is a pioneer of quality auto glass replacement with a heritage spanning over 18 years.  We provide you a host of auto glass replacement services including:

  • Windshields
  • Windows
  • Side glasses
  • Tinting
  • Sunroofs
  • Motors & Electronics

At Glass Genie we believe in safety before anything, that is why our promise is quality. We ensure your safety and that of your family by providing you the highest standards of service with quality assured parts. Glass Genie offers:

  • 24/7 Mobile Auto Glass Replacement
  • Professionally Licensed Technicians
  • Quality tested authentic replacement parts from international suppliers
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Standardized quotes for all services
  • Online & on call appointment booking services.

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