7 Different Cakes for Kids Enjoyment in Christmas

Cakes are all about Celebration and when talking about our one of the favourite festivals, the cake is the most important desserts.  We search for excuses to bring cake at and during Christmas we have we prepare many dessertsso why not a Christmas themed cake. The first wish that everyone have for Christmas is divine desserts and cakes surely are one. There are so many cool cakes for this festive season from luscious layer cakes to cheesecake will beperfect for Christmas. Thus we are with a list of 7 different cakes forenjoyment in Christmas.

1. Santa Cake with white cream

This is a very easy yet a beautiful cake. You have to bake a regular vanilla or chocolate cake in a rectangle shape. This cake is inspired by Saint Nick. Now cover the cake withred get food colouring then with the help of fondant make its belt and buckle which you can spray with edible gold spray. For buttons of the Sana Claus you can place wafer cookies. You will need black and white fondant for decoratingthe cake.

2. Peppermint Chocolate cake

We decorate our houses with candy canes and striped peppermint candies are so popular n Christmas. So let’s add this peppermint twist to the cakes. Bake a regular cake and cover the whole cake in heavy buttercream frosting. Now crush the peppermint candies and decorate it on the edges of the cake and at the cake bottom of the cake. You can also decorate the top layer of the cake with striped peppermint candies.

3. Apple Bundt Cake

This is the delicious Christmas cake topped with maple syrup and crunchy pecan. You have to bake a cake with diced apple and crushed pecans. You can also add cranberries now prepare it like a regular cake you can use a fancy cake mould to prepare the cake. As said earlier maple syrup and pecan seeds are decorated on the top of the cake. This cake will make beautiful centerpiece for Christmas. Treat your friends and relatives with Christmas Chocolate Delivery for Christmas.

4. Truffle on Chocolate cake

This cake is of our favourite combination of cream cheese and chocolate. Bake a flat layer of cake and cover the top of the cake with chocolate sauce. That is adding the chocolate ganache on the cake spreading it over the edges. Then refrigerate it for a while. Now take a nozzle filled with cream cheese and make a big snowflake design covering the top of the cake. This elegant is surely going to be the attraction in Christmas lying on the centre table. Its rich taste and festive snowflake flair will seek guests its very big slice.

5. Gingerbread Toffee Cake

This cake is a beautiful blend of all the flavours of milk chocolate, gingerbread, buttery toffee candy and staffer. The cake is baked regularly but it has extra added ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all spice and molasses to give it gingerbread taste. Toffee bits are added between different cake layers. The cake is frosted with white frosting and decorated with red cherries and starry-eyed staffer gingerbread cookies which are decorated with white royal icing. Make Christmas Cake Delivery to your loved ones place and wish them Merry Christmas.

6. Forest Pine Tree cake

This is again a very impressive Christmas cake that surely your kid will love. Bake cake of chocolate or vanilla flavour and cover the cake with white heavy frosting and white chocolate chips. Now take a parchment paper and small bamboo skewers and drizzle melts to make a tree like structure of greenish and bluish colours.  Refrigerate them till they become hard and place them onto the cake to create forest look.

Thus these cakes will not only serve you as desserts but they will also serve as a nice decorative centrepiecefor the Christmas Celebration.

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