5 Ways to Make Your Solar Panels More Efficient

While going solar is a popular trend amongst the environment-friendly community, many still don’t know how to exploit their investment for maximum energy yield. While a long term user may be aware of such tips and tricks that can increase energy yield, a newcomer to the community often doesn’t. If you’ve come across this article looking for said information, then you’ve come to the right place. While many people learn with trial and error, I aim at presenting you with the cheat code to highly efficient solar panels. Here mentioned below are five ways you can increase your energy yield by making you panels work more efficiently.

Solar Panels More Efficient
Solar Panels More Efficient

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1.     Quality over quantity

While purchasing your solar panels, you should make sure that you invest in something worthwhile. With so many options to pay and a customized installment plan option available, you should invest in the most efficient panels that are available on the market. There is no use of saving money on panels that cannot work efficiently or produce the said amount of energy that you need for daily functioning.

While some panels are cheaper and may be tempting, remember that they can’t produce the energy that you need. If you are investing in something better for the environment, you should make the right choice and spend your money smartly. Don’t end up saving on things that you might later have to spend a significant amount on down the road.

Apart from that, you should be aware of the kinds of panel’s that your house needs depending on your energy consumption. This kind of decision isn’t made overnight you need to have the proper logistics to make a comprehensively informed decision.

2.     Regular maintenance

Once you’ve chosen a quality solar panel system, you now have to make sure that it is adequately maintained. While it doesn’t require much mechanical maintenance, it does require to be absolutely clean to generate the optimum amount of energy. You should go to the roof and make sure that isn’t foliage accumulating on the panels’ and clean it regularly.

 If you think that a tree has grown enough to create a shadow on your panel and is blocking the sunlight, you should trim it down. You should make sure that the panels get the maximum amount of energy as it will maximize the amount of energy that is produced.  If you have solar panels on the roof, you should try not to attract birds as it can make cleaning the panels a hard task.

3.     Optimize temperature

The temperature situation with the solar panels is an ultimate paradox. While it does need the sun to generate electricity, it also needs to be kept cool as regular sunlight can cause it to heat up. One great way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to gain professional opinion while mounting the panels. Your racking system should be at least a few inches away from the roof so that there is space for air to pace and keep the panels cool. Other than that, you can also use a wet cloth to wipe down the panels every other day. Not only will it help with the cooling down of the system but will also leave the panels spotless.

4.     Positioning

When you plan on going solar the position of your building and the position of your panels, will matter a great deal and will affect the amount of energy produced. For example, if your panels are placed on an angle where the sunlight does not hit it can become a significant problem. The positioning of solar panels is the easiest thing to do; the only thing you need to keep in mind is more sunlight equals more energy.

If you’re building a new house from scratch, and you plan on having solar panels ask your architect to keep this in mind. She/he should include such designs that will contribute to higher energy yield. If you don’t keep the positioning of the solar panels in mind, you may have to face a considerable amount of loss. The panels won’t generate enough electricity for you to function properly, and you will have to pay the installment fees and the regular electricity bill. That is why it is essential for you to get an expert’s opinion and make sure whether going solar is the right decision for you or not.

5.     Better choices while buying appliances

Another factor that contributes to better usage of solar energy is to switch to appliances that are solar energy friendly, which means that they don’t take up too much energy. Switching to solar energy isn’t the only way to reduce your carbon footprint. You first have to cut back on high powered appliances that could somehow cause the panels to damage if enough electricity isn’t produced. Try to make sure that the appliances that you use can be supported by the amount of energy produced by the panels.

 If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned article, you now know how to increase the efficiency of your panels. I found out these things the hard way and after spending a significant amount of money on increasing the space between the roof and the panels, and many errors. I hope these tips are of assistance, and you don’t have to learn the way I did. Remember what you chose to do for the environment will also benefit you. I  have come across a few people who counter your choice with the argument that, how can you be investing in green energy when the very products that you use (solar panels) are made through processes that contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases. Remember to defend your choice and explain to them the fact that in a few years it will become a process with zero harmful emissions. Even now, it is one of the few ways to produce energy with a minimal carbon footprint. Stand by your decision, going green is an amazing way to make this world a better place.

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