5 Reasons Pest Infestation Can Impact Your Business

Pest Infestation

There is never really a good time of year when you can relax and not worry about a pest infestation. Insects will be more active and numerous during the summer months, as the additional warmth aids their metabolism, while the colder months will see pests such as rodents who may have been outside, now looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter. Man-made properties offer pretty much all that your average pest is looking for, they are warm, secure and given the extremely varied diet of pests, generally come with a good supply of food too.

5 Reasons Pest Infestation Can Impact Your Business

Pests can multiply within a very short period of time, so their prompt removal or eradication is a must, either by controlled poisoning, removal or by electronic means such as a pest control electronic device from Pest Free USA. This is especially important for a business whose public image damages can be far more costly than solving the problem and have long-term consequences.

  1. Immediate Financial Loss

Pest- related operating costs for companies who have been infested with all manner of critters cost tens of billions of dollars every year. There is the cost of dealing with the infestation and pest eradication, not to mention the very possible loss caused by destroyed or contaminated stock. In certain trades such as the catering sector, you may well be forced to cease operations until the problem has been dealt with, obviously affecting the cash flow of the business.

  1. Damage To Reputation

The immediate financial hit can well be the calm before the storm, especially if you are what is termed a public-facing company, for whom the damage to reputation, especially if accompanied by customer complaints can be devastating. Social media means that bad news can travel like wildfire, with the subsequent tarnished image remaining long after the infestation has been wiped out.

  1. Lost Productivity

Lost Productivity
Lost Productivity

Pest infestation very regularly causes one or more working days to be completely lost, and can easily be a week or more. Every time it happens, and for many businesses, a single infestation over a period of years is uncommon, the closure has a negative impact on what is being produced.

  1. Staff Morale

Even though the majority of pests are of little danger to humans directly, staff with phobias about mice, cockroaches or other creepy crawlies, will be none too thrilled about working in such a place. Pests can be dangerous though through bites, stings and bacterial infection, none of which are pleasant things to experience at work and can easily impact staff feelings. Sickness can arise, further denting morale.

  1. Legislation And Fines

Increasingly, legislation for business environments, especially those involving anything to do with food, have tightened dramatically in recent years. As a business operator, you have a legal duty to prevent pests getting in, and if it is discovered that you have not adequately done so, through an inspection or customer complaint, you could find yourself in very hot water, including fines, closure or even staring at a custodial sentence.

Proactive Pest Management

Waiting for an infestation to occur really isn’t a wise option, with the smart business taking positive steps continuously, to keep their working environment and storage areas pest-free. Professional help and advice are recommended to ensure understanding of pest’s behaviors and preferences, enabling you to better serve your company, by stopping the intrusion and the associated problems from occurring in the first place.

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