3 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Cozy and Safe

3 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Cozy and Safe

If you’re new to RV ownership, you may be wondering how to make the space truly your own. Believe it or not, there are many ways to redecorate your RV without breaking the bank. Here are some simple and affordable ways to update your RV’s interior and protect the investments you’ve made in your vehicle.

Purchase an Extended Warranty

Securing a warranty plan is one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind as an RV owner. Before leaving the dealership with your new RV or motorhome, it’s important to inquire about the warranty coverage and exclusions of different plans. Some of the most popular RV warranty companies in the United States are Good Sam, Xtraride, and Eagle Vision RV Warranty. Because RV extended warranty service contracts vary based on warranty company you choose, it’s critical to do your due diligence as an RV owner.


Today’s Best Company makes it easy to compare warranty companies, service contracts, and deductible options by providing in depth reviews of all the major warranty companies. They use secret shoppers to gather crucial information that other RVers need to know before choosing a warranty plan. They lay out the different warranty options from each company clearly by their strongest selling points, their popularity, their BBB accreditations, and even the downsides of their plans. This way members of the RV community can quickly find the exact warranty they need for their motorhome quickly and efficiently. They also list the contact information for each of the best RV companies so once you’ve made your choice, your RV warranty is just a few clicks away.

Use a Fun and Unique Accent Rug


An accent rug is more than just a fabulous housewarming gift for a friend or a high price tag decoration that only the wealthy can afford. A stylish accent piece can bring a luxurious look of warmth and softness to anyone’s living spaces while still being affordable. Depending on the floor surface of your RV a fuzzy rug can give your space a necessary texture and warmth to offset the coldness of the tile or vinyl floors.


A popular decorator tip is to use velvety fur rugs in living room spaces, and although fur rugs can be beautiful, many people prefer cruelty-free options for their accent rug. Chesserfeld is an online shop (chesserfeld.com) that specializes in faux fur rugs. The Chesserfeld faux fur sheepskin rug not only has the look of real sheepskin, but it’s fluffy fibers and thicker pile also have the feel of authentic sheepskin. They sell any kind of fake fur rug you can think of— and your space is needing. With just the right blend of fibers, their faux fur rabbit rug is indecipherable from real rabbit fur.

The best part of their cruelty-free, faux fur rugs could be the feeling of their softness on your bare feet, or maybe it’s the unique luxurious look it brings to your space, but the real thing that makes them stand out from other faux rug companies is that their rugs can be put in the washing machine without issue. Many of the competitor versions of the same rugs aren’t machine washable which can be a huge hassle, especially in a motorhome where there’s an increased risk of spills and messes.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the best ways to open up space inside a motorhome is by painting the walls. A light and airy color on the walls brighten the living spaces. Many people dislike the neutral color of light brown or beige that typically come on the walls of RVs. This is because most of the surfaces and furniture share the same neutral color as the walls. This can make your space feel smaller, even claustrophobic, which is the exact opposite of how you want your living spaces inside your home to feel. Because an RV is often an extension of our homes, applying interior design techniques into our motorhomes is the best way to make them feel cozy and welcoming.

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