15 Rules that Must Absolutely Respect for a Good SEO

  1. Most important: the right choice of keywords

The first job is to determine the keywords on which you want to position yourself. To help you determine these keywords you must use tools such as Google AdWords. This tool will give you keyword ideas related to the recurrence of requests made by users. Also, try Google trends which also provides statistics on the most popular keywords on the web.

15 Rules that Must Absolutely Respect for a Good SEO
15 Rules that Must Absolutely Respect for a Good SEO
  1. To achieve your SEO, your articles must be consistent and original

Use these keywords to write quality, original and consistent articles. The time spent by readers on your articles and the number of page views are largely taken into account by Google to determine the popularity and relevance of your blog. For WordPress, use the Platinum SEO Pack plugin, for automatic optimization of your pages. (Alternative solution: All in one SEO plugin).

  1. Primordial: your titles must be perfect!

Take special care of the titles of your articles. Google is very attentive to the keywords used in the titles!

The title is the element of predilection to describe in a few words the content of your article. It must make you want to continue reading. Think of it as the first item that the user will see in the search engine result page. It must therefore be given special importance!

A good title should describe in a few words the content of your page. Its total length must not exceed sixty characters. Make sure it’s unique in your blog. Otherwise, Google will consider the article as a duplicate, and may not index your article!

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  1. Heal your writing: no mistakes!!

Avoid misspellings that are detected by Google map listing optimization.

Remember that user’s type queries that will not match the words used in your pages if they are full of mistakes! Not to mention that your readers may be quickly discouraged and will be tempted to quickly zap!

  1. Refresh your web pages

Also note that search engines attach importance to updating information. Remember to refresh the pages of your blog. This will allow you to increase the index granted by Google to your content, and increase the frequency of passage of the indexing robot.

  1. The URL of your article must contain your keywords!

Optimize the URLs of your pages and articles: search engines value the keywords in the URL. WordPress allows you to customize these URLs (Permalinks). Choose a suitable name, containing one or two keywords, for each of the site’s files rather than names like page1.html, page2.html, and so on. Avoid using accents that are difficult for Google to interpret and interfere with good SEO.

  1. Your media can be excellent for your SEO!

When integrating media into your articles (images, videos), consider using the “description” field to describe the content of your media.

Search engines are “blind”; they do not see the pictures. However, they will index the ALT attributes generated by the description of your images. Also remember to integrate the keywords for which you want to be referenced in the name given to the images before downloading them. You all know the Google Image Library which is also a good way to index your content.

  1. Make users want to click on your links: heal your Meta description to be better referenced!

Use the tag “meta description” which allows you to add a description of the content of your page, without displaying it to visitors. It is usually this description that will show up in the search engine results under the title of your page. Do not exceed twenty keywords. To make your life easier, you can install a plugin such as “Meta Description” in your WordPress blog that automatically generates a Meta Description field under your article.

Encourage visitors to leave comments to your articles, it creates traffic, and increases the interest of your publications.

To write your meta-descriptions, I strongly recommend that you use the 7 strategies to write irresistible hooks. The article is here:

How to Make EXCITING All Your Articles, tape Your Readers And EXPLODE Audience YOUR From Blog!!

  1. You are your best promoter: take care of your internal links!

Optimize the internal links of your blog: They must be well thought out in order to keep your readers as long as possible on your blog.

Google is interested in how much time people spend on your pages. In order to give maximum visibility to each of your pages, we advise you to establish internal links between your pages to allow search engines to cover your entire tree.

Your main menu should be organized to give effective access to pages with high potential in terms of referencing.

Our tip: WordPress offers a plugin that automates the internal creation of your blog. His name:  SEO smart links, it’s super convenient!

  1. And do not forget the external links!

Exchange links with other blogs and websites: external links pointing to your blog increase traffic and the reputation of the latter, on the other hand the search engines take into account the number and the quality of incoming links to characterize the level of relevance of your blog.

  1. Improve the loading time of your pages

It is important to improve the loading time of pages, for example by using cache mechanisms. For example, you can install the Lite Cache plugin for WordPress. This allows on the one hand to improve the user experience and therefore the satisfaction of visitors. On the other hand, search engines take these signals into account when positioning web pages.

  1. Help search engines to better reference you!

Create a sitemap file to give Google access to all of your pages or the latest indexed pages. The “Google Sitemap” extension allows you to generate a Sitemap for your WordPress blog.

You are not alone in the world! Take full advantage of the power of social networks!

  1. Create share buttons on social networks

Google considers social sharing signals in its algorithm to determine whether your blog is quality or not (see our article on the best plugins for WordPress).

Content yes, but … do not make this mistake!


  1. Avoid duplicate content

Search engines tend to ignore duplicate pages. Too much duplicate content on a site can even lead to an algorithmic penalty. It is possible to block such content using a robots.txt file or a Meta robots tag with the value “no index”.


  1. Google penalizes sites whose optimization is considered excessive:

This is the case, for example, of blogs where too many links come from sites considered as “spammers “. It also seems that an abuse of links between pages talking about disparate subjects is a factor that can lead to a penalty.

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