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Our Fields Of Interest

As the ocean of entrepreneurial flair is quite wide, we can’t delve in all of them. Here’s a quick peak on our top choices and interests so that you can write for us along those lines. Take a look at the topics that we prefer the most:


Write on These Categories

Digital Marketing
Real estate
home Improvement
Web Hosting
health and Fitness
Gadgets and Apps
Cryptocurrency News

At present, we are looking for

  • How To
  • Trending Topics
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Product Reviews that match our category.

If you have an idea that does not fit into (somehow) one of the above categories, it’s undoubtedly not a good blog for you.

But before you start, keeping quality content on high priority just follow the guidelines as mentioned below:

What We Offer:

We offer these following advertising option on our site.

1 – Banner Advertising

2 – Sponsored Guest Post with one link

3 – Unique Content Writing Services


Article Guideline:-

Unique Content:-

Avoid any thin content. We scan your content to ensure it has never been published anywhere else on the web. Duplicate or any else bad resource content can spoil both sites, so best to avoid that problem.

Word Count:-

In our blog, each post explores elaborately such a way that our readers get most of the information. This way we are not bound to believe in the short article. We consider a minimum of 750 words in the body part in every content with the summary of 250 characters. If your content is less than the mentioned word counts, it will not be published.

Social Share:-

If you write a post approved, the expectations are that you will share it everywhere, just as we will. When you submit your writing to this site, you agree to share it on your social media accounts.

Content Copyrights:-

As your post has been published on sggreek.com, it becomes the property of sggreek.com

In short: You’re the author, but you’re giving over ownership to us.


Provide high-resolution copyright-free JPG, jpeg, PNG format image along with your article.  If you use copyrighted images, then you have to declare the credit as well as an image resource.

There are also helpful sites with free images like Pixabay.  Please make sure images are smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is a link for an easy-to-use website to resize images: PicResize

Writing Style:-

  • We also demand the structural quality of each sentence. We prioritize good readability of each article too.
  • Your post needs to be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • It should keep paragraphs short.
  • It should break up sections using H2, H3, or H4 headings (like I’m doing on this blog). This helps clarity.

Please take note that we do not accept every pitch and there is no guarantee that your post will be published.

How to Submit:-

If your idea was approved – get to writing! The sooner you submit, the sooner I’ll publish.

Submit your contribution in a Google Doc – send to us and make sure I have editing privileges. I’ll take it from there.

Will I be Getting Paid?

We do not post paid promotional material so we won’t be paying you for your content. sggreek.com is simply a perfect platform to share information that inspires and help people in crafting their ideas. If we pay you for your content, the information will be counted as a paid promotion.

Will your Content be Exclusive?

Whatever information you will be sending us will be posted and will remain exclusive. But, you will have to make sure that you won’t be reposting the same material to any other website, the content will be indexed plagiarized and it will lose the ranking. If your topic is unique and informative, it will attract the readers’ right here.

Benefits of Publish on sggreek.com

  1. You will get permanent one Dofollow backlinks per post. Once your article published with us, make sure we will never delete.
  2. sggreek.com is increasing traffic day by day, so you are getting more highly targeted traffic to your site.
  3. Increased exposure, traffic, loyal readers and SEO for your blog.
  4. You will get a lifelong real reader from us.

We will be happy to know your topic in advance. If you’re interested in guest post publication on sggreek.com, simply drop us a mail or contact us.

Note: We have full copyright of your content and image to use. If we get any spam link or spam activity then we have full authority to remove your content any time without notification.

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