Why We Should Not Use Crack WordPress Theme?

Cracked themes are scattering a lot of Malware. This is why these cracked themes are made.  Cracked Themes are cracked by hackers to speared malware on the internet. These are people who enjoy hacking. So they speared malicious code in those template based website as well as allocate it for free around the internet. You won’t even know your website is hacked as well as the hacker would manipulate your website contents or steal it or perform whatever they want with it.

Why We Should Not Use Crack WordPress Theme
Why We Should Not Use Crack WordPress Theme

Let us have the example Windows piracy

Have you downloaded software from the official Microsoft website?  You have to start with activation key. Sometimes you may search a key online as well as utilize it. Then you obtain to use it for free. Though it is ethically incorrect, it is as good as utilizing the software.

Cracked or nulled themes are modified, with the security code separated. If somebody has fiddled with the code, that will be with a hidden reason as well as this could obtain trickily. There are great chances of malware already infecting the software then.

There will be other issues for you as well. Updates will not be obtainable. Security wise, this is a huge hassle. Now in WordPress, the same problems exist as well as are extremely problematic.

It is your responsibility as a WordPress community member to take part in protected Internet practices.

Other Threats By Cracked Themes

Malicious codes

These codes may emerge in any form. Some are inconspicuous advertisement blocks where appears ads offered the by the cracked program provider. It is like a hacking setup in the as a plugins by which personal information of users may be transmitted to a far away hacker.

 Links to provider’s websites

By this technique, a forced quality backlink provider’s website is offered by the theme, which cannot be easily recognized or removed. This helps the provider to increase a legible backlink. However, it is injurious to users, as they may obtain reprimand for offering link to banned or illegal websites.

Open to WordPress installation entirely making vulnerable

Themes are an open segment of WordPress installations, to certain extent. Cracked themes make things worse by creating it more susceptible to outer attacks.

Incompatibility issues

Most themes are designed for a few WordPress updates from the date of making. However, nulled themes can misplace this property as well as might create themselves compatible for a specific version.

Data loss due to malfunctioning

Several user suffered precious information loss due to mal-functioning or virus infected  themes mainly when themes deal with a lot of customizing post types like those are utilized in reservations, comparison, booking etc.


Nulled themes never offer authorized support as an original theme from the real provider as you will be needed to give proof of buying in login data to obtain punctual support.

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