How Is Whatsapp Business API Proving To Be A Magic Wand For Businesses?

Whenever anyone talks about the messaging app, then the first name that comes to your mind is Whatsapp. From just another ordinary messaging app to a go-to messaging app for more than 1.6 billion people, Whatsapp is quickly becoming a global leader in the world of messaging apps. It’s simple, easy, convenient and that’s why people use it for messaging, sharing videos and photos, and sending audio to friends and family members. Now with the unveiling of Whatsapp Business API, this global messaging app giant has now become very useful for businesses as well.

How Is Whatsapp Business API Proving To Be A Magic Wand For Businesses
How Is Whatsapp Business API Proving To Be A Magic Wand For Businesses

Because of the omnichannel world of communication, consumers are looking forward to interacting with firms in the same way they interact with their friends and family members. And, with Whatsapp managing 60 billion messages every day, it has become the most preferred choice of communication for businesses.

But instead of using Whatsapp like other normal users, businesses are now thriving on Whatsapp business API. It allows developers to build a completely new experience through which the business is able to reach more people which results in more engagement. Let’s dive into the benefits offered by Whatsapp Business API and see how it is turning out to be a magic wand for businesses.

Improved interaction

With the help of Whatsapp Business API, companies can easily improve two-way communication and engage in personalized interaction. Businesses can communicate with their customers in real-time and that helps in reducing the response time. In addition to this, companies can solve problems and answer queries more quickly.

The companies are also able to personalize the interaction with each customer by using Whatsapp Business API.  Visit GBWhatsApp or Personalization in terms of Whatsapp Business API refers to attributes like customer’s location, behavior, name, and age. If a company is using Whatsapp Business API then they no longer has to worry about country-specific telecom regulations, and that’s why they can work more effectively.

Better response

 When was the last time you replied to an email or SMS from a company? The traditional communication channels like SMS and emails are now not as effective as they once used to be because they are not able to meet customer demand. People are now abandoning these traditional channels for omnichannel solutions. According to a report, 9 out of 10 customers prefer using messages to interact with businesses. This is why Whatsapp Business API increases the number of responses from customers and enhances engagement as well.

If you send a message through Whatsapp Business API then there are minimum chances that it will go unnoticed. Organizations have seen an increase of 30% in the number of responses from customers after shifting to messaging platforms like Whatsapp Business API.

Detailed stats

 Just sending messages in bulk over any messaging platform will never work for you. This is why having the right stats of your messaging efforts is very important. The messaging statistics feature of Whatsapp allows you to review the simple metrics behind the message being sent through your company. There are many important metrics in Whatsapp Business API, like the number of messages sent, how many people read and how many messages were delivered.

Private and secure environment

 Adhering to compliance issues is one of the biggest problems for business, especially while communicating with customers. But all the problems related to compliance are simplified in Whatsapp Business API as it offers end to end encryption and various options for protecting subscriber’s privacy. In addition to this, the two-factor authentication enhances the security of the platform. This, in turn, keeps the messaging platform away from every type of security threats.

Instead of interacting with customers on traditional communication platforms, you should shift to

Whatsapp Business API without any second thoughts. From improved communication to enhanced security, you will get many benefits from the Whatsapp Business API.

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