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20 Best Tools To Send And Share Large Files Online:

The world has become advanced and there is no time to carry large files manually from one place to another. Paperwork has almost ceased and digital files are either mailed or shared. However, the use of such digital transfer have limited space, one cannot send very large fils.


Taking emphasis on the need to share large files, here is a list of some tools that help to share large files on the internet.
1. 7-Zip:
It is the basic and easy tools used for sharing large files online. As any regular Zip format, this tool also compresses the file format and can further compress files down with its own 7ZIP format.2% to 10% reduction in the file size can be done using this tool.
2. Dropbox:
 For businesses use, Dropbox is one of the most preferred tools to share large files. It allows multiple users to work on a document. The free version facilitates for 2GB of free storage.
3. Drive:
Google Drive works in the same way as Dropbox. Documents here are shared with other users (the same as Dropbox) and can be edited as well online using Google Sheets or Docs.
4. FTP:
File Transfer Protocol is one of the oldest forms in the files transferring arena from one user to another. The reason it is most preferred is that of the security it offers. On a network, files are transferred and the clients are able to utilize usernames and passwords to add an extra step to security. Free versions facilitate for the transfer of file sizes up to 2GB.
5. MediaFire:
MediaFire is the mixture of storage space, cost efficiency and security in the file transferring space. New users on this platform are offered with 10GB of free storage. The premium version has 1TB of storage space which allows for files up to 20GB to be shared and transferred. They also include and includes one-time download links.
6. Hightail:
Hightail: you have to shell out $12 a month subscription fee to use this tool in a best manner. The premium version offers unlimited workspaces and it backs for files up to 25GB.
7. WeTransfer:
For the same price as Hightail, users can use of 100GB of storage and share files of up to 20GB in size. WeTransfer tool provides users with a lenient step-by-step guide to follow which makes it the most loved accompaniment for a computer rookie who wants to share large files.
8. Resilio Sync:
Resilio Sync: This is a free piece of software and has no boundations on file size one can share from device to device. Initially known as BitTorrent Sync, the tool makes the use of peer-to-peer connection to transfer large files among devices,It also supports other contacts to download files with utmost security from your network.
9. Adobe Send & Track: – One has to pay 20& yearly for Adobe’s convenient file-sharing too. This tool is one of the cheaper premium options available in the space. It also has a cool tracking tool that facilitates users to monitor which of their sent files has been opened.
10. Mega:
Whopping 50GB of free storage is available to all users on this platform. The simple and easy to use drag and drop feature allows for users to upload their ease. Convenient Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available, along with mobile apps to take your files to the place you want them to go.
11. Jumbo Mail:
Jumbo Mail: It is a basic tool through which users can send files of up to 2GB for free (5GB with referrals) and can also save on their server for a week. Premium users can send files of space up to 20GB and depend on the type of plan one has chosen you can make use of either 250GB or 500GB of permanent storage space using Jumbo mail.
12. TransferBigFiles:
TransferBigFiles: Files as large as 20GB can be shared between users, but for free version files up to 30MB can be shared. Files with a special link are emailed to users allowing them to download the file from the server.
13. MailBigFile:


MailBigFile is almost an identical service to that offered by TransferBigFiles, with files of up to 20GB able to be shared between users, although this tool allows for users to send files of up to 2GB free of charge.
14. SendThisFile:
SendThisFile was specially created with the vision of business work in mind which allows for integration with Outlook and 50GB of bandwidth to utilise. Expensive subscription fees applied for unlimited business usage.
15. FilestoFriends:
FilestoFriends is a tool designed for single users, rather than businesses or the like for sharing large files to up to five recipients. Files of up to 5GB can be shared, with free users able to send 1GB size files to friends.
16. SecurelySend:
SecurelySend’s gives a facility with tight security and with messages are deleted after they are read when this tool is used for file sending. This tool only allows for files of up to 2GB that can be shared shared.
17. Titan File:
With Titan File, unlimited file sharing and storage is allowed if its Enterprise package is taken in regards. The price is not listed but guaranteed to be north of the $29.95 per month professional package and is basically designed for mid-sized firms.
18. StreamFile:
For sum to be shell out at $79 a month, this tool provides users to make use of 5TB file size limit and no bandwidth limit. And for the free users. Stream File, It provides the service to send files of up to 300MB with a 1GB monthly bandwidth limit.
19. DropSend:
DropSend is an easy means of sending large files, and it caters for files of up to 8GB in size. This primary reason for using this tool should only be for sending files, as opposed to storage because no storage space is provided by this platform on the free version.
20. Send Space:-
Send Space: This is an online based file transfer tool that gives users the facility to upload files to an online server and then get them shared. It offers 300GB of storage space, it allows 10GB in size files to be able to be shared.

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