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Tips for Fast Blogging in 2018

Many bloggers are pressed for time. You have a business to run or kids to take care of. You love your blog, of course, and want to see it be successful, but you also do not have a lot of time to devote to it. That often means you feel like you can’t Fast Blogging in 2020 but that is not true. There are easy and fast ways to blog even when your time is limited.

Tips for Fast Blogging in 2018
Tips for Fast Blogging in 2018

Keep it short – One of the first things I always tell bloggers when they ask me how to keep their blogs going strong in a limited amount of time is to keep it short. Blog posts do not have to be thousands of words in length. In fact, most readers do not want to invest that much time reading a blog post. Instead, try to write around five hundred to two thousand words in your blog posts. Any longer than two thousand and you start to lose readers. Any shorter than five hundred and you start to lose search engines. Both of those are a no-no to serious bloggers. It is not hard to write five hundred words. About one page typed is all it rounds out to be.

Break it up – Another issue I often run across is that the blogger, as said by essay help guys, who chose to write at the very longest limits (around two thousand words) also tend to drone on in long paragraphs for pages and pages. Ug. Who wants to read that? Instead, make sure you break up your blog posts into short paragraphs. You can even use headers to help readers follow along easier. If you have a lot to say and you start to go over the upper limits of your text, why not just break up your blog post into more than one? A blog post series is a great way to update your blog frequently with quality content while not having to really write that much. A direction piece, how to guide, or explanation easily be broken up into parts one, two, three and so on. Even a story can be broken into several blog post segments to make it easier for readers to consume. No one wants to sit and read a novel length blog post!

Use lists –A great way to break up blog posts, get new readers in and play up to the search engines without having to write a lot is list posts. List posts are great because readers love to scan them and read only the points that apply to their situation. Lists also give readers a sense of how long a post will be. Like a post with five points will be much shorter than one with fifty points and so on. Search engines also like number posts like the “ten best” the “top five” and so on. Writers should also love list posts because they are so easy to write. All you have to do is come up with the points and then fill them in one by one. It does not matter if they do not flow together. A list is always choppy. Instead you can focus on just getting a hundred words down for every point and you will be done in no time flat.

Use multimedia – Many blogs are bland and colorless. They are full of pages and pages of text. While they may be well written, no one will ever read it because it is boring to look at. Liven up your blog with multimedia. Videos, images, infographics and more can all be a blog post or part of one. I make a point to include an image in every post so that it will catch readers’ attention and also give a hint about the content of the post. I also love to include videos that inspire me, ones that tell about the same issue I am discussing or an infographic that illustrates my points. Using multimedia can get you more traffic with less writing.

Have fun with it – We all know we write faster when we enjoy what we are writing so if you are pressed for time try to pick a subject that is fun for you to write about. Maybe it is your favorite television show or something you saw that was funny that you just have to share. Whatever the case, the more you have fun the easier and faster it will be to write.

Have a backup – Sometimes I have really good writing days. I have lots of time and I am inspired to write. On those days I make sure to write at least one extra post and save it for later. Those poets are great for the days you have no time or desire to write. Having backup post means you can update your blog in seconds and get on with everything else you have to do. Of course your backup should be evergreen content, so avoid recent news or time sensitive issues when creating backup posts.

Just start – One of the hardest things for me to do, especially when I am pressed for time, is to get started. I will sit there and stare at the blank page hoping inspiration will strike. Of course sit rarely does that way. Instead I have learned to just get started. If I start typing it brings new ideas to my mind. Even if it is just something stupid like “I hate to write” or “This is not going to work”. I find that it does indeed work and I get a blog post done in record time.

Have a goal –Another thing that inspires me is having a goal for my writing. Am I going to write five hundred words or a thousand? Am I going to cover a topic I have never done before or talk about something my readers are familiar with? Do I want to get likes? Comments? A thousand readers? Links? Having a goal means you stay focused and on task so you can get things done faster. You should also know who your target audience is and what they are looking for. By writing with your audience in mind you can really increase the impact your blog posts have on your traffic.

Get ideas –The hardest part about writing in a hurry is trying to come up with ideas. Instead, try to come prepared. Come with ideas. I keep a notebook with me all the time just so I can write down ideas when I have them. I also use Pinterest to store cool things I run across and I refer to those sources often when I get stick. It has really helped me to be able to get new blogging posts done faster and also widen my range of topics that I have covered on my blog.

Get emotional –Last but not least, get emotional. We all write faster when we are passionate about something. Maybe you are mad or sad or happy about something that has happened in your life. Maybe you wish the government would do this or that or you just want to rant about how bad the customer service was at a business you visited. Maybe you met someone who made you cry for joy or maybe you just broke up with your partner and want to vent your pain at the world. Writing with your emotions sometimes does not get your best writing out there, but it does ring true with readers and can help them to connect with you on a very real level.

You know that updating your blog frequently is the only way to keep it alive and growing. Hopefully these ten tips will help you to keep updating your blog even when you do not think you have the time to do so. Happy blogging.

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