7 Tips To Move Over To A Plant-Based Diet

As more and more people become health-conscious, the popularity of plant-based diet is on the rise. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that such a diet can lower the risk of chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. For someone who has been eating non-vegetarian food for years, switching to a planned vegan or vegetarian diets may not be easy. Even for the ones who are already eating vegetarian, knowing the right way to make a plant-based diet transition is important. Let us list a few tips that will help you to move over to a plant-based diet.

7 Tips To Move Over To A Plant-Based Diet
7 Tips To Move Over To A Plant-Based Diet

Know your food

Then the first step of the transition is awareness, which is the reason that you should know the food that is best for you. Being aware of all that you can consume while going plant-based is important. At the same time, you should understand the ways in which you can make food taste delicious while ensuring that it is healthy as well. Cooking techniques matter too because raw, steamed and sautéed foods are definitely healthier than fried ones.

Start slow

The best way to make a transition is always to take it slow and easy. List out a few options in plant-based meals and rotate them through the week to bring variety in your plan. Prioritize foods that you have always relished because it will be easier to switch with them initially. Subsequently, you can add more foods as you develop a taste for them and cultivate it as a habit. Visualize the transition as a journey that you should enjoy rather than adopt under pressure.

Cut down on processed foods and meat

Since your aim is to go down to plant-based foods, cutting down on processed foods and meats slowly is your best bet. You may be too enthusiastic in the beginning and giving these foods up seems easy when the motivation levels are high. But going in too drastically increases the probability of a rebound. Rather, giving your body and mind time to align with the change is the best approach. Get rid of the temptation foods one by one as you are ready and leave them for good.

Stock up on plant-based foods

If you go through https://virily.com/food-drink/undeniable-benefits-of-a-plant-based-diet/, you will definitely understand the importance of stocking up on plant-based foods. Obviously, you tend to eat things that are readily available. So why not pick the healthiest fruits and veggies from the supermarket shelf and stock them in your fridge? The next time hunger strikes, you will surely pick them up rather than snack on chips or cookies.

Start your day with a plant-based breakfast

If you are in the transition phase, the best thing to do is to start your day with a plant-based breakfast. Have a wholesome vegetarian breakfast rather than one loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar. Eating the first meal right keeps your motivation levels on the top and you end up eating healthier during the day. Gradually, you can work up on the remaining meals and go totally on plant-based foods.

Measure your protein intake

Health-conscious people know the importance of optimal protein intake to stay healthy and fit. However, excessive consumption may do harm than good. Basically, all the essential amino acids that are needed by the body are available from plant foods and can be synthesized after consumption. As long as you are consuming enough of these foods to sustain your calorie requirements, you need not worry about protein deficiency.

Keep your meals exciting

Making a transition to a plant-based diet is not just about choosing the right foods but also bringing a variety in your meals. Try new recipes with vegetables and fruits. You can find plenty of good ones online. Prioritize raw foods as cooking on high heat can strip the foods of their nutritive value. If you have a sweet tooth, substituting sugary desserts with fruit salads, sorbets and smoothies is a great idea. Remember that eating healthy is not a challenge and you can still enjoy your meals.

Most importantly, you need to understand that changing your lifestyle and habits takes time. Your body needs to learn while your mind needs to be conditioned if you want to bring about this positive change. Also, understand that if you want to go plant-based for good, take the benefits as the motivating factor. You will be able to embrace the transition and enjoy it as well when you experience the change in your body and mind.

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