Most Common Mistake of a Patchy Beard-How to avoid

Growing a complete full beard is associated with manhood. It indicates maturity, healthiness, sexual virility and overall prestige. There are great tips you can learn from for you to have a complete thick beard. Note that all beards do not grow the same. Due to genetics difference, they take different shapes.

Most Common Mistake of a Patchy Beard-How to avoid
Most Common Mistake of a Patchy Beard-How to avoid

Do you have a patchy beard? Good news is that it can be fixed. If the beard has grown only for one month or three and it already looks patchy, you should not panic. Normally, they take seven stages in order to complete. Patience is required. Here are tips on how to avoid the patchy beard and the common mistakes that lead to the patchiness.

Eat healthily and exercise

Unbalanced diet and lack of exercise contribute to the patchy beard. When you make it a habit to consume a balanced diet and to exercise, there is a high chance that your beard will grow full and complete. Natural foods contain hair growth supplements. They include biotin and niacin. Biotin prevents hair loss and it is found in foods such as milk, legumes, eggs and avocado. Niacin is found in foods like beef, fish, and mushrooms. It helps the hair from falling out. Drink a lot of water daily in order to ensure that your body is well hydrated for smooth and full beard growth. Avoid drinking too much alcohol because it will make your body get dehydrated. Doing exercises avoids the beard patchiness by boosting testosterone hormone levels. Testosterone aids in thickening the beard.

Give your beard time

A beard takes seven stages to grow complete. Don’t rush to shave the early patchy beard because of looking unpleasant. Shaving and trimming too soon slow down the hair growth because of constant cut. Be patient and keep in mind that patchiness is common with everyone who has not completed the seven stages.

Treat your beard

While the beard is growing, it is important to keep the follicles healthy. Healthy follicles serve to enhance or taking care of your beard for full growth. The first step in treating the beard is applying beard oil. Beard oil serves to nourish the follicles and to moisturize the beard hair. Seek advice from a specialist on which beard oil is good for your beard. The second step is to brush your beard. Use a bristle beard brush. Brushing serves to exfoliate your skin by spreading oils uniformly through the beard. Patchiness tends to grow where there are insufficient nutrients. In addition, brushing stimulates blood flow which in return aid in the distribution of the nutrients for complete beard growth.

Avoid convectional hair shampoos and oils that contain silicone

Convectional shampoos which have sulfate may end up drying your beard. This is because sulfate serves to remove silicone in the hair due to its harsh nature. Facial skin is more sensitive thus when sulfate is applied, it can lead to slowness or drying up of the beard. Avoid buying beard oils that have silicone. This is because silicone will clog your beard pores and then slow down the beard growth.

Avoid stress and take rest

Try your utmost best to avoid stress. This is because stress triggers the production of a hormone called cortisol, which decreases the amount of testosterone in the body. When testosterone levels are low, chances to grow a thick beard are minimal. Stress also results in constriction of the blood vessels. This reduces nutrients that reach the hair follicles thus leading to a patchy beard. Taking rest is important in boosting testosterone levels. Research has proven that lack of rest reduces testosterone levels. Make sure that you have enough sleep.

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