Old-School Office Work vs. Content Management System: How Tech Reduce Waste and Save Your Organization Money

How often have you asked an employee to find a document, and they spent a lot of time combing through the metal cabinet for the correct one? Or how frequently do your office misplace a critical file? Not only are you wasting time, but it also reflects on the type of culture your organization has.

Old-School Office Work vs. Content Management System
Old-School Office Work vs. Content Management System

What do you think your potential partners will feel when you lose track of a critical contract?

Organizations often cite their size to justify the lack of investment in new technologies. For instance, they say, “Oh, we are just a small office, and we could not afford a content management system.” Or they will say, “We do not have the time to learn its features as we have a business to run.”

But if you think about it, those are precisely the reasons why you should invest in a content management system.

For instance, according to statistics,

  • The average worker wastes 1.5 hours per day simply looking for a misplaced item
  • The average executive spends 150 hours annually, searching for lost information. The number of hours is equivalent to almost a month.
  • The volume of paper in the office has tripled after the computer was invented
  • An average file cabinet stores about 18,000 pages when filled to the brim
  • A four-drawer filing cabinet costs $2,100 annually to maintain

As you can see, there is too much waste and clutter in the office, which hampers productivity.

Benefits of a CMS:

A content management system will yield several advantages for your organization. Here are some of them:

  1. Streamlines work. A survey in the US and the UK showed that middle managers waste a lot of time looking for information. In fact, they would likely find info on their competitors than on their own organization. Almost 6 in 10 of the supervisors said they might have missed out on a crucial component that would make them more effective at their jobs. 
  1. Exhibits As already mentioned, missing a document that is critical to a planned venture reflects negatively on your company. In the same vein, if you mishandle a document involving your customer, it is a potential PR nightmare, especially in today’s social media obsession. A content management system will drastically improve the way you do business. You can pull out data as needed and not waste a few precious minutes looking for the document in your physical store.
  1. Saves cost. The average office spends about 14% of its revenue on printing and photocopying. An average employee prints 10,000 pages annually, for an estimated cost of $725. Imagine if you have ten workers, the amount gets up to more than $7,000 each year. With the content management system, you do not have to print the documents when you have a meeting. Simply share the files digitally, and everyone will still be on the same page.

Those are just three of the ways a CMS can help your organization. So, do not think of the software solution as an expense but rather a necessary investment. While the returns on investment might not always be quantified, you can quickly reap its benefits by automating your workflows, reducing mistakes, improving productivity, and increasing revenues.

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