Modern And Bright Interior Design Themes With Decorative Mirrors

Having mirrors in your home is comparable with introducing expensive antique decor that makes your home look attractive and elegant. Every homeowner desires to see their homes transforming from the traditional interior décor to a more contemporary appearance. What can introduce more warmth and trendiness than a mirror which has been properly placed within a home? Using decorative mirrors in your living room, bathroom, and the bedroom is a trend that many contemporary homeowners have turned to convert their traditional interior décor to a modernized appearance. If you are wondering how you can incorporate decorative mirrors with home design themes, you will find the information presented in this article worthwhile. If you have never tried using the decorative mirrors within your home or office, you should be adventurous enough to try new things. If you remain within the traditional norms of decorating your interior décor, you will not transform your living space to be more modernized. The following are some of the primary ideas that you can adapt to your home to make it trendier.

Decorative Mirrors On Wallpapers

Wallpapers have been in existence since the start of the 21st century. Most home and office owners install wallpapers of different designs to improve the interior décor of the spaces. Wallpapers are easy to install and clean making them a popular alternative to using paint to change the appearance of the room. Mirrors are also a good addition when they are used on wallpapers. Since wallpapers come in different colors, using frameless wall mirrors would do the trick. With such type of mirrors, they easily blend with the wallpaper of any design or color. Mostly, when the frameless wall mirror is used on top of wallpaper, it should be installed in a centralized position to create the illusion of large space within a room usually, this technique of using a decorative mirror on the wallpaper is suitable for use in living rooms and spacious bedrooms. Although the design can also be used with framed mirrors, the homeowner could be strained to identify just the right frame to match the wallpaper. Since you do not want to go through a similar hustle, it would be recommended that you install a rounded shapeframeless wall mirrors on the wallpaper. The wallpaper design should also be attractive and make your living space look modernized and not monotonous.

A Window Like Decorative Mirrors

In most rooms today, you might not have windows that are large enough to allow natural light to come in. The purpose of the window like decorative mirrors is not to allow natural light to come into the room but for the purpose of introducing a modernized interior décor in your house. The mirrors are designed in the form of two large windows which are to be installed side by side to each other. This is considered a classic way of introducing decorative mirrors into your living space. With the window like mirror design, it may make your living room or bedroom appear to have real windows. This is not only interesting but unique. There is additional art that makes the windows look realistic. With sufficient lighting, the window like decorative mirrors will reflect enough light in your room that it will appear brighter than how it would be without the mirrors. In the selection of the type of mirrors to be used in the creation of the window like decoration, you should ensure you buy a mirror with a reflective index of more than 60%. This makes it possible to reflect sufficient light within your room. If you have never tried this, you should always ensure that you have an expert to help you in selecting the right color of the material to be used in the decoration of the window to make it look like a real window.

A Frameless Mirror In The Mantel

In most modern homes, fireplaces are included to light a fire that can be used to warm up your house. Just above the fireplace is a mantel that can be customized to incorporating decorative mirrors. Having a decorative frameless wall mirror in your mantel will introduce another dimension of beauty within your home. Since the fireplaces are mostly constructed in the living room, you will need to identify the size of the mirror that you will use for the mantel. Installing a decorative mirror in the mantel will help in making your room look larger and attractive. The frameless wall mirror should be horizontally places such that it covers a large part of the mantel.

Additionally, decorative vases may be placed in front of the frameless wall mirror so that there are reflections created.  The flower vases selected should be unique so that they capture the attention of the people within the room. Also, it is recommended that as you install the mirror in the mantel, you should check the angle of inclination to ensure that it reflects any additional artwork on the walls opposite the mantel. This will make your living room stand out from the rest of the rooms which do not have decorative mirrors.

Gallery Wall With Decorative Mirror

How many artworks do you have in your home? Did you know you can use one wall for displaying all the artwork inclusive of decorative mirrors? This technique is an idea for use in the living area where you need to display the most attractive artwork in your home. First off, find a   suitable wall that is strategic respective to the position of your living room. Find the center of the wall and ensure that you check whether its plumb. This way you will be able to check on how to install the decorative mirror perfectly into position.  When the mirror is in position, you should take your unique pieces of art and hang them around the mirror in distinct patterns. The pattern that you hang your art is what will determine whether your wall will look attractive or will need more work in the long run. If doing a DIY project to decorate your interior, you should be careful not to mess with the concept while trying to make your home or office look elegant and trendy.

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Large Wall Decorative Mirrors
Large Wall Decorative Mirrors

Large Wall Decorative Mirrors

If you have your living room facing an attractive environment, you could take the advantage by installing large wall decorative mirrors to reflect it. The environment to be reflected should be attractive so that it can transform the outlook of your home. Despite the technique working best during the day, the mirrors should be installed facing the attractions in the environments so that there is a blend of the environment and the interior of the house. For instance, if there is a lake outside your house, you should install the wall to ceiling decorative mirror facing it. The reflection formed is automatically stunning and makes your living room more attractive. This can also be used in the bathroom if you have large windows that can allow the mirror to reflect on objects that are outside.

In conclusion, it is recommended that precision should be taken by individuals who want to engage in DIY projects. This will help to reduce the occurrence of errors. Inviting experts to offer guidance would be an added advantage to your home improvement journey.

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