Importance of Remote Database Administrator for your Business

Importance of Remote Database Administrator for your Business

The significance of a Database for an Organization

A database is one of the most valued possessions any modern organization has. Information is money for businesses in the modern age of the Internet and connectivity. Several organizations like to opt for a remote DBA service for ensuring their database remains unscathed and relevant for the organization. However, several organizations are skeptical about hiring an outside database administration services provider.

Importance of Remote Database Administrator for your Business
Importance of Remote Database Administrator for your Business

Along with the services of SQL Consultants, remote DBA services can prove to be a boon for an organization. There are several options for hiring a remote DBA administrator. Remote DBA service allows you to choose from a wide variety of experts with skills suitable for meeting different aspects of database administration, ranging from maintenance to operation and implementation. A database administrator, whether on-site or remote, is always handy.


Who is a Database Administrator (DBA)?

A professional responsible for maintaining the integrity and proper operation of an organization’s database is called a DBA or Database Administrator. DBAs ensure that upon implementation a database works ideally, as well as provides regular modifications as required by the database or the organization. These modifications might be required for enhancing the efficacy of the database or simply altering it in some way.

Database administrators are also responsible for providing training to eligible staff about accessing and applying the database. Moreover, database administrators are responsible for ensuring that a database remains consistent and well-defined. In addition, a DBA ensures that regular backup of the database is available. Here are some typical responsibilities associated with a DBA:

  • Monitoring the database performance
  • Understanding various database user needs
  • Refining database for meeting user needs and physical storage requirements simultaneously
  • Developing and supervising backup systems
  • Installing new system applications
  • Modify the database in accord with the organization requirements
  • Recommending best technologies for updating database

The exact job responsibilities of a database administrator vary from organization to organization, specifically their requirements.

Perks of a Remote DBA Service


There are several perks that a remote DBA bring for an organization. Some of the most important ones amongst them all are:

  1. Pay Only for What you Get

    The most important perk of hiring a remote database administrator is that you need to pay for only what you get. Moreover, professionals offering remote database administration services offer a wide variety of tasks, from which you can choose only those you require. Therefore, you will pay for as much as you get. Remote DBA Services allow organizations and businesses to cut expenses and efforts on maintaining the database.

  2. 24×7 Access – Getting your database malfunctioned at midnight or while you are away can be infuriating. Remote DBA services allow you to get your database repaired during any time of the day or night. No matter what happens, your database is always protected against undesired changes and issues.
  3. Choose What you Need – Remote DBA providers offer a number of services. This means an organization can distinguish between services that they require and that they don’t. It offers a lot of flexibility to organizations.


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