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Home decor is a fascinating challenge. We will help you by giving some basic principles of home decor, but the main task is upon you. Open your creative potential and make your interior design by yourself. Try out some ideas for decorating and find inspiration in home decor & design ideas. Add some eye appeal to any room of your home. Let’s talk about home decor in succession.

Home decor color influences our mood and emotions. Calm light colors interior design help to relax, while bright colors keep one in suspense. But color in interior design is important not only from the psychological point of view. Color Using color tricks in home decor absolutely changes your home. These interior design principles are suitable for living room design and bedroom decor, as for kitchen decorating or bedroom decor. Don’t forget to rent storage space like self storage SanAntonio. It is important, which avoids damages certain household items while renovation.

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1. Low ceilings appear higher if the ceiling is painted a light color. The walls appear higher when the baseboards are the same color as the walls. And make vice versa with too high ceilings: paint the ceiling a darker color and painting the top part of the wall with the same ceiling color.

2. The long or large room will be more intimate. If you paint a warm color on one wall in a predominately white room, which makes that wall appear to advance, making the room seem smaller or shorter. Whereas in short rooms you should leave the walls warm, while one wall is painted a cool color, appearing to drawback, making the room seem longer.

You should better use blue, green, Earth tones for walls, and ceiling. Keep the big things like furniture, walls and flooring in neutral colors, so that you can change out the theme of your living room design by adding accessories like rugs, pillows and wall art. Pay a lot of attention to your furniture sets, which should be in one style. Compare furniture online to find the best furniture style for you.

If you have classic or modern furniture sets you should use bright colors for accessories. A very stylish solution for home decor is antique furniture. Remember that if you choose antique furniture for your home decor, don’t use a lot of accessories. All the attention should be given to antique furniture.

Living Room Design

What associates with your living room? Quiet peaceful family evenings or wild parties? In fact, the living room design gives wide opportunities for you to decorate. What do you like most, traditional, modern, or exotic living room design? Don’t just keep the walls white and the couch cream colored, but avoid patterns, anything bright and flashy.

Bedroom Decor

A bedroom is a place of rest and romance. Use calm tones and nice accessories. Right bedroom decor will make your room a peaceful and calm harbor. You can also choose a nightstand light for your bedroom decor.

Kitchen Decorating

The main requirement for kitchen decorating is comfort and safety. Don’t use highly inflammable materials. Use cooking batteries as accessories in kitchen decorating.

Make your interior design unique, taking to account your personality. Get pleasure from home decor and be sure that your interior design will excite everybody.

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