The Formation of a Global Asset Solutions Company by Fleet Tech Providers Merger

In the world today, for products or services to be marketable they must be of high quality, fast and reliable, and should be at par with or more advanced in terms of technology. This has made many companies to advance their technology so that they can fit in the current market.

Fleet management is becoming more and more demanding due to the increase in the number of vehicles. As a result, fleet companies need to utilize resources from many different companies to provide services such as leasing, fuel management, and accident management among other various services.

The Formation of a Global Asset Solutions Company by Fleet Tech Providers Merger
The Formation of a Global Asset Solutions Company by Fleet Tech Providers Merger

At the end of every month, managers have a task of compiling the reports from every company that provides multiple services into one full statement. This is a pretty tedious process and it is the main reason why the fleet technology chose to join with the global asset solutions.

Fleet Technology

Fleet technology is a holding group that caters for the needs of growing technology driven and some of the leading companies in the market. The service providers should be efficient, accurate and robust. Primary services provided by the fleet tech provider include vehicle tracking, fleet management, tracking of containers and most importantly the security of the fleets. For the providers to be reliable, they need to prioritize on superior technology as they have to provide their services to many countries.

Corporations from various countries are changing the course and shaping their fleets be it vocational fleets or any other for easier management. In turn, this makes it easier to determine the appropriate cost and to leverage opportunities to reduce the amount of money spent and maximize the efficiency of operating the vehicles. This leads to an increase in the amount of profit received.

Global Asset Solutions

Recently comprehensive fleet asset management and telematics solutions were joined together so to form a new holding company that will serve the purpose of connecting vehicle strategy. Furthermore, it is designed to operate in 80 countries.

Telematics refers to the technology that is being utilized to monitor a wide range of information from a fleet. You can purchase a wide range of telematics devices from eyerideonline. The information gathered entails vehicle location, the behavior of the driver, engine diagnostics and the activity of the vehicle. Software is then used to visualize the data collected thereby assisting the fleet operators in managing their resources.

Merging of Fleet Tech providers

An Israel based telematics company will join with a U.S. based identification system to form a new holdings company. The Israel based company provides services to the cargo and automotive industries where it specializes in telematics and mobile internet of things solutions.

On the other hand, the U.S based identification system serves the purpose of tracking, securing, controlling and managing assets whose value is high like the automotive industries, trailers, containers, and vocational fleets.

The merging together of these two significant companies in the automotive industries will bring about various advantages. The companies will come up with leverage that will accelerate the combined company vehicle connection strategy which will lead to easier fleet management and a fast track vision.

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