Get Your Car Shine like the first day with a Sustainable Cleaning

The vehicles are continually exposed to climatic conditions. The rain, the mud and even the sun are damaging and dirtying the body of the car. And although this is something inevitable, we can promote that the deterioration is minor by performing a proper maintenance of it. Therefore, in this post we will give you some tricks and home remedies that will facilitate the task of routine maintenance.

Get Your Car Shine like the first day with a Sustainable Cleaning
Get Your Car Shine like the first day with a Sustainable Cleaning


Floor mats: if these are made of plastic, simply shake them and give them a pressure water gun, then treat them with soapy water and a cloth. Rinse them and let them dry in the sun is the most natural way to keep them in good condition. When the mats are made of cloth, first it will be necessary to rub with a brush to eliminate the embedded dirt and then to pass the vacuum cleaner for the remains that remain.

Dashboard and interiors: it is the space that more dirt and dust has for its daily use. We will need to pass a cloth all over the inside, including the clocks and the center console. For narrow spaces, you can use a brush or a soft toothbrush. Dust-removers or window cleaners are very efficient for this task, but first you have to read the instructions of the car because not all liquids are compatible with internal materials. If you want to use homemade products, the mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts is very effective on plastic surfaces. For the wooden ones, add a teaspoon of olive oil to the solution. If you pour it in a sprayer and spread it with a damp cloth, the task will be very simple.

Upholstery: the process is the same as in the cleaning of the mats. First we will pass a brush to eliminate waste and bad odors and then we will use the vacuum cleaner for the remains. If there have been animals inside or there are traces of hair, you can roll a piece of clothing across the surface. If you have leather seats, the care of them is more delicate. The first thing is to move a vacuum cleaner carefully and then rub with a damp microfiber cloth. To prevent the material from deteriorating, it will be necessary to dry the area quickly. The most advisable is to use a specific cleanser for the leather extending it with a chamois making circular and soft movements. After this, we will apply a conditioner and let it act for 10 minutes. Do not forget that being a brittle material you will need maintenance every few months.

Air conditioning ducts: this is an area of ​​the car that goes unnoticed by many people. However, cleaning it is essential since it accumulates dust and dirt that will be expelled inside when the system is started. Using a specialized brush you can access any corner and eliminate accumulated debris. This task requires a couple of minutes to be done and will ensure the proper functioning of the ventilation system.


Bodywork: using a pressure hose will help reach hard-to-reach corners as well as the underside of the car. But you must keep a safe distance because the pressure could damage the paint of the car if the hose is too close. It is best to start at the top so that the dirt is falling and does not affect the clean areas. Do not use dishwasher detergent or dish soap because these products eliminate the protective wax coating of the vehicle. On the contrary, shampoo and hair conditioner they are very efficient and do not damage the paint. Do not pour it directly on the body because it could deteriorate it. We will apply the product with water in a sponge and rub it on the outside, extending it in the same direction. It is best to dry it with a cotton cloth, suede or plush because leaving it outdoors or with another type of material could leave marks. As a last detail, it can be polished with wax to restore the brightness of the paint.

Cristal s: for these areas, you can use a traditional glass cleaner or a home remedy based on white vinegar and water in equal parts. The easiest is to apply it with a sprayer and dry it with newspaper to avoid leaving signs.

Headlights: use a little toothpaste, water and a sponge will be ideal to leave our headlights bright.

Tires: next to the tires, they are the parts that tend to get dirty most because of their continuous contact with the ground and the remains of oil that are adhering. To eliminate surface dirt, the pressure hose will be very effective as it will reach most corners. Afterwards, you can create a homemade cleaner with part water and a half of baking soda. It will form a paste that we will let rest a few minutes and then rinse. For the chromed part, white vinegar with water in the same proportion is very useful, as long as the material is not made of aluminum. After rinsing it with water, the tires will be clean and shiny. But you can also use specific cleaner-tire products. For a perfect finish, a tire sealant will create a protective film in the area avoiding its wear.

Trunk: The first thing for a correct cleaning will be to empty it completely. Passing a vacuum cleaner on the inside will remove dirt from all corners. But for those who are too narrow, we will use a soft toothbrush. After cleaning the frame rubbers, it is advisable to apply a protective product and grease the hinges.

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