Crypto Exchange Trends for 2019

The year was 2017, and Bitcoin hit an all-time high, and the smaller altcoins ended up blowing up with constant new cryptocurrencies to land on the market. By the end of that year, we saw an increasing trend and everyone thought it would be a constant growth, with bitcoin reaching approximately twenty thousand dollars in worth. Then the unthinkable happened, the market plummeted, and many people freaked out, which made it go down even more. There was over an 85 percent downfall in the marketable worth of bitcoin. But it’s not over, and Bitcoin has made it clear that it and the most common and popular altcoins aren’t going anywhere (they’re going to be around for a while). Let’s take a look at the Crypto Trends of 2019 to see what’s going on.

Crypto Exchange Trends for 2019
Crypto Exchange Trends for 2019

The Major Trends

Nobody wants to spend 20k per coin, and neither do financial institutions. However, they’re starting to enter the market as well. For example, Fidelity’s customers have about 5 million bitcoin wallets. Once people start getting more into it though, it’s going to be even more, which is going to have great impacts on the price of Bitcoin.

The Stock Exchange

When Bitcoin futures emerged on the NY stock exchange, so did the talk of others. They’re going to release their own adoption of cryptocurrency in collaboration with a few marketing giants (Microsoft and Starbucks to be exact). They’re going to cause other bigger markets like the Nasdaq to be able to offer cryptocurrency trading platforms. Today, there’s only a handful of trusted platforms you can invest in, one of those includes Bitcoin Trader, which is great for those who are new to the crypto market.

Stable Cryptocurrency

One of the other trends that have been being created for years, is the ability to get a “stable” coin. This is the idea that cryptocurrencies worth can remain completely stable and ends up getting marked just like the U.S. dollar, cents, and more. Many people think that this will end a lot of the mass consumer issues, like how many people’s cryptocurrency wallets get hacked (there are hundreds of users per year losing cryptocurrency to various heists and people want to put a stop to it).

Social Media Trading

There have been a few attempts that have flopped when it comes to bringing a viable exchange to social media platforms. One common one that you hardly hear of anymore is the Robinhood exchange, which was supposed to be not only the most secure way to trade, but also offered apps on your phone which were synchronized to your accounts. While it’s still around, these methods have been becoming less popular. However, one platform stands out that is on the rise.

Conclusion: The Emergence of Facebook Crypto-Trading

Rubix has the solution at least to the last one, and they’re working on a whopper of a trading platform. In the past few years, it was common to use cloud mining services, as well as many online crypto stock exchanges in order to get the job done, but with all of the constant heists and hackers out there, people were losing their bitcoin constantly and it was just randomly affecting everyone, and crashing the market.

The emergence of being able to trade on Facebook will allow people to have fewer extra steps when it comes to trading with friends and family. For example, imagine, you don’t have to direct your family member to sign up for a site they don’t use just so you can sell or trade the cryptocurrency with them. Just send them the requested link, and voila, they can send you the money for it (or the equivalent in an alternate cryptocurrency). This is going to be a huge market jump and is going to be one of the most secure ones yet, as Facebook has almost the entire world on it.

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