Celebrate this Rakhi in a New Way

Rakhi Festival is an extremely pious and sacred celebration of the relationship between a brother and a sister. It commemorates their undying love for each other. This is a festival that has been celebrated for a long time and in the past as well as in mythology. The sisters always wait and watch what the brothers are up to and how much effort they put on giving precious gifts to them. Distance never matters for such occasions and the brothers and sisters always send their love to each other wherever they are.

Let us have a look at some of the points and see what all can be given to them as gifts.

We can send Rakhi to India with beautiful flowers to our siblings as a feature of love and care and this can be done irrespective of the factor of distance. We might be sitting miles apart but if we remember them and contact an online florist to send them a bunch of their favourite flowers early in the morning, her entire vision for the day changes and she comes to know that her brother still loves and cares for her. A sister is an epitome of love and affection and nothing in the whole wide world can match the love of a sister ever.

  • Chocolate and cake:-

Chocolates are an essential gift in Rakhi and people always buy it as a accompaniment with other gifts. However, when there are no other options left or someone has very less time to buy gifts they can easily plunge in to this option and come out with flying colours. Nowadays, people have also started accepting and consuming cakes at all occasions and most of the bakers make special cakes during this time. We can easily buy these cakes and celebrate the auspicious day together. We can experiment with different flavours and have fun savouring the cake together with our families and enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

  • Personalized gifts

We can opt for personalised gifts as well where we can have endearing photographs printed on cushion covers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, photo frames and collages and table calendars or table clocks. We can out down special photographs there which marked sweet memories like their first Rakhi  scenes or the day of their first school together or maybe an emotional wedding day picture where both of you are together. This has been a timeless hit for most of the siblings and can be kept forever. These types of gifts can be given by both the brother and the sister and are things to be cherished forever.

  • New plants

A brother can always gift a new sapling or some plant seeds to the sister and together they can sow it on this special day and watch it grow in the years to come. Although this is a new way of celebration, this way is extremely eco-friendly, and it never harms anyone. In the new months to come this little sapling will grow and flourish to be a nice plant and be an integral part of the eco system. It can never be toxic and can cause mental peace and harmony within the siblings. Also, since afforestation is required, this practice is worth taking a plunge into. You can also decorate your house for a party with beautiful flowers.

  • Small outing with family

The ultimate gift which both can enjoy in is a small outing with the family where everyone can have a nice quality time together. We get so stressed out in our daily lives that this is required to detoxify our lives. We can go for short outings and plunge into crazy fun with each other forgetting to fret and make new memories for the future.

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