Catering Ideas to Keep Guests Cool

Summers are HERE! And we all love the summer sun, but at times it just gets a little too hot to hold, especially when organizing an outdoor party.

This season is perfect for outdoor parties as the sun is shining, the drinks are chilled, and you can easily ditch the heavy clothes.

“Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Hot Summer Day!”

But summer fun also comes with the hot sun. And if you’re throwing a party outside then you would want your guests to feel as comfortable as ever. This is a reality that everyone doesn’t have a luxury of swimming pool or a farmhouse.


Now, you don’t have to worry about these things because you don’t necessarily need a pool to keep your guests cool at your party.

Here are some tips on how to be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer and make sure it doesn’t leave your guests drenching in sweat.

  1. Fresh Lemonade

Nothing feels more like summer than a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade. Make sure to have a plenty of ice and drinks on hand. You can be as much creative as you want to be and add different fun flavors. When the weather is hot, lemonade will keep your guests cool and they won’t even remember that they’re in the heat.

  1. Plan on Shelter

You should keep an alternate as patio cover or set up a canopy to provide temporary shade to your guests just in case it rains or keeping them cool. 

  1. Cold Food Items

You should serve food items like fresh fruits, vegetables, and finger foods such as cheese and cold cuts. These items can also easily be placed on skewers for ease of enjoying. Keep in mind to keep all the food items on ice.

  1. One-of-kind-Cocktails

If you have an awesome drink mixing skills, then use your skills and be memorized for this. Create your mocktails and cocktails and let the guests enjoy them. The flavors should be a combination of latest flavors and be served over lots of ice.

  1. Fan and Parasols

If you’re not interested in handling more work for yourself, a good dependable fan is all you need to cool down your guests. Even in some gigs, you can distribute paper parasols on each seat at the ceremony.

There’s always a little bit of chance during an outdoor gig, no matter what season is. But, now there is no need to be scared of sun, catering services in Londonderry has to just follow above-discussed tips and ensure that you are prepared for whatever weather is thrown your way.

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