7 Key Indicators You Need to Buy Replacement Windows

Due to the high price on the admission ticket, new windows are a ride that many homeowners opt not to take—at least until it becomes absolutely necessary. Instead, they nurse along with their old units. They may annual repairs—scraping and painting in the springtime and caulking and installing plastic sheeting in the fall.

Are you tired of the same routine, but your still not definitively sure that your home needs new units?
Sure, avoiding the cost of window replacements seems okay at the outset. But what about the cost of keeping up with yearly repairs—and the time you spend making them.

7 Key Indicators You Need to Buy Replacement Windows
7 Key Indicators You Need to Buy Replacement Windows

We researched the key indicators that you need to buy replacement windows with the Zen Windows crew. They are pros who specialize in window replacements in Boston, MA for their advice on how to know if it’s really now the time to spend that cash, or if another year of DIY repairs will do.

These 7 key indicators should point you in the right direction.

1 – Condensation between the window panes

For some homeowners, they’ve become accustomed to the accumulation of condensation between the glass panes and around the window frame itself. This is one of the top indicators that your windows are on the decline. Oftentimes, this situation indicates that you have a broken window seal.

Here’s a compounding factor. That moisture that’s building up puts you at a health risk. It can harbor molds and mildews that are dangerous to breathe.

You should be seriously considering replacement windows if you see this sign.

2 – They have become difficult to operate

Your windows don’t glide open, to say the least. In fact, to get them to budge you have to shimmy them in their track to even raise an inch. In case you have been living with this issue for a while now, here’s a friendly reminder. That is not normal!

Add to that the fact that your lock no longer latches. Or maybe, the opposite is true, and it’s deadbolted into a fixed position. That’s a perilous situation, and it makes your home unsafe.

Consider replacement windows to remedy these scenarios.

3 – You see insect activity around the windows

If ants are marching their way in full formation right in through your kitchen window and snacking on all of your food, you could call an exterminator.

But the truth is that you also need to seal those pests firmly where they belong—outside and away from your groceries.

Decayed wood, small cracks in the frame, or slightly ajar windows that just won’t close up properly are all prime entry points for insect activity.

4 -Your home feels drafty

If you’re subjected to cold drafts coming in from outdoors in the winter and warm air in the summertime, your windows have lost the thermal properties that provide you with ample insulation and comfort.

In turn, your energy bills will continue to escalate. Look for EnergyStar certified windows and banish those breezes from your abode.

5 – Neighborhood noises penetrate your home

Another key indicator that your windows need to be replaced is an increase in the noise from your neighborhood as it penetrates your home.

As you know that new windows insulate your home and keep it cozy for you. But those same thermal properties also serve as a noise buffer. Therefore, if you have noticed that the volume from outdoors is continuously amping up over time, replacement windows may give you the peace and quiet that you long for.

6  –  You spot decay on your frames

Wood is porous, and your window frames are no exception. After decades of being subjected to rain, sleet, snow, and other elements, the wood wears and softens. If you have wood-framed windows with signs of decay, your windows will eventually collapse—the wood is the “glue” holding them in their position.

7 – They look old and tired

If your current units appear old, tired, drab or worn out, it’s time for a facelift. For your windows, that is!

Windows boost your home’s curb appeal and charm. They greet everyone who passes by your home and represents you to visitors.

So instead of continuing to throw good money after bad by making endless repairs, why not treat yourself to a fantastic looking home with the brand, spanking new windows?

Does your home have these key indicators?

If your home has these key indicators that you need new windows, begin the hunt for windows asap. While the pinch you’ll take to the pocket will hurt a little bit, the ache will dull quickly once you see what a difference it makes to your quality of life.

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