3 Places You’ll Find The Best Modern & Inexpensive Furniture

With home decor and furniture inspiration booming over the past 5 years, a renewed interest in home and living space is taking everyone by storm and isn’t just reserved for designers and homemakers. With that in mind, more and more individuals are looking for Instagram-worthy furniture – sleek, modern, cool – but with one big difference: less of the price tag.

3 Places You’ll Find The Best Modern & Inexpensive Furniture
3 Places You’ll Find The Best Modern & Inexpensive Furniture

It’s always difficult to create the luxe without the cost, which is why cheaper alternatives don’t always make the cut. Without further ado, we bring you 3 places you’ll want to shop for your furniture in 2019, as well as where to avoid by reading reviews.

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An oldie but goodie, tried and tested IKEA always offers ultra-cool often quirky designs, with their fun Swedish names attached (Kullen, anyone?).

If you’re planning a trip to IKEA, go well prepared with a plan of exactly what you need because it’s easy to stray from the path – metaphorically speaking seeing as IKEA literally paint the path on the floor for you. The classic case of “I only went in for 2-night stands and left with 2 nightstands, a set of drawers, new bedding, a rug, various kitchen utensils, and a trip to the cafe for some meatballs” is all too easily done.

This makes your shopping trip exceedingly more expensive than if you’d gone to another furniture store, however, the cost is also relative. But you’ve been warned!

Another quick tip, if you’re only planning to get a few small pieces, delivery is probably cheaper than the petrol it takes to drive there. However, reviews of the company lean towards delivery being a nightmare.

However, when it comes to big furniture items such as mattresses, bed frames, and other chunky furniture, it’s much more reasonable to actually go and get them yourself. I tested delivery for a mattress and 2-night stands and delivery saw me in excess of 40 pounds sterling. The choice is yours, but the products hold water when it comes down to modernity and style, as well as affordability.

  1. Dunelm

When I first heard the name Dunelm, my parents told me they’d just been and that my Dad had found some great storage bins. Instantly my mind raced to a warehouse Makro-esque nightmare. I was wrong and judged too quickly.

Dunelm offers vibrant, up-to-date furniture and home decor, staying on top of trends at completely reasonable prices. It’s not edgy like IKEA, it reminds me more of The Range and that homely vibe. Why isn’t The Range on here then? Primarily because I don’t really feel they offer modern or stylish furniture. Affordable yes, but not something I’d feel on trend with.

Dunelm offers the best of both worlds – something twee for your Gran, but then a coffee table your friends will swoon over, and you’ll secretly whisper it’s from Dunelm. (And then like me they’ll recoil thinking it’s some never-ending warehouse). Dunelm needs to be shouted about though because they offer design at a snip of the price.

  1. MADE.com

This might be one you’re less familiar with, and unlike IKEA and Dunelm, there are no physical stores. Personally, this is slightly off-putting as I like to sit on, size-up and touch the furniture I’m buying. That said – they offer modern inexpensive furniture which looks amazing.

MADE.com offer truly Instagram-worthy pieces which you’d expect to see splashed across glossy magazines – because that’s exactly what the products are, refined and glossy.

However, some reviewers have been left with mixed emotions, stating that even though they appreciate the cut-down price tag, they still expected their products to last a little longer with wear and tear, so take this in mind for your furniture choices.

If you’re looking for something that’s visually appealing and isn’t going to be subjected to rigorous use, MADE.com would be the one for you. Something that takes a little more punishment you might opt for IKEA. Which leaves Dunelm squarely in the middle, the same no.2 position on this list.

All three of these furniture companies offer stylish, modern and inexpensive pieces, just don’t forget to read reviews before diving head first into purchases!

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