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In this advanced world of gaming with high-level graphics games, it is hard to survive to those classic games, but a true gamer never forgets it’s essence and if you are of one among them, then this is the right place you are up to. In order to relive those days, we are here to present you this article. Download the Emulator for Android by these steps.

Every gamer is quite aware of those classic emulators for playing their games, but as the technology developed the way of playing games also made changes in itself. Now if you want to play those perpetual Nintendo games like Super Mario, Top gun, base wars, Ice climber, Brothers etc, a classic gamer will be in nostalgia right now! without having Nintendo’s original gaming consoles. Then this article is all about you.

A 3DS emulator preferably to say a Nintendo 3ds (3Dimensional Dual Screen), as it’s popularity is high amongst all, is an android emulator an ethical software that is used to play or something to be called as the basic need for playing The Nintendo games in your Android, IOS and Windows without having their consoles in hand. These emulators provide a disruption-free environment for playing these ever-lasting games.

As earlier said Nintendo is the best and perfect solution for all your childhood cravings of games, the First question came in your mind is that why we can’t buy a Nintendo console or what is need of an Emulator when we have these consoles available in the market. All your answers will be cleared as Nintendo gaming emulators or consoles are costly for most of the people and the most amazing part is that it works on almost every operating system platform. So, all you need is just one emulator and all your gaming needs are sorted out.

Now one more thing is still agitating in your mind as what’s the procedure to download and use these emulators, As for Android these are the process you can follow

  1. First Download the 3Ds emulator apk. file
  2. Then click on the downloaded file and open it
  3.  After opening the file you need to follow this path
  4.  Settings>Security>Apps management>Enable Unknown sources
  5.  After that install the file
  6.  Once it gets installed you will be asked to press the continue button at this moment your emulator will search for the games(which you don’t have at this moment)
  7.  To solve this trivial problem, search and download any game you want and play it!

Before going to the major part of this article it’s better to have some history of Nintendo DS system and some quick review of differences between many different Nintendo DS systems.

The first Nintendo DS system was launched in 2005. Since then, several new versions of the system have been launched: The Nintendo DS Lite, The Nintendo DSi, and the Nintendo DSi XL.

In 2011, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 3DS system. In 2012 Nintendo launched the Nintendo 3DS XL system, which features the largest screens of any Nintendo handled. In 2013 Nintendo launched the Nintendo 2DS, which plays all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

Now here comes the major part of this article which is BEST AND WORKING ANDROID 3DS EMULATORS!

Here is the list of all those best Nintendo 3Ds working emulators for android:

    1.     Ultimate x3DSx Gold:-

         It is one of the solid android emulators but it accepts only legally android games so if you have those, then it is best for you as it is fast, saves a lot of time from that boring parts of the game and also saves a lot of battery.

    2.     DraStic DS Emulator:-

         One of the best and most stable 3Ds emulators, however, it is a paid app that makes it a hard choice for the buyers, If you have a high-end quad-core device then you can easily enhance the graphics, you can also customize the size and placement of the 3DS screen.

    3.     Nds4droid:-

          It’s a free android emulator app, it works in every ROM, have better performance. However, it might not work smoothly in relative with other advance Android devices, It is a young emulator and it may improve with further updates.

    4.    AseDS (NDS.EMU):-

          It is also a free Nintendo game emulator, around 500k downloads, dual touchscreen interface, save and load the game at any time, auto-rotate landscape or portrait orientation.

    5.    NDS Boy! NDS Emulator:-

          It is a DS emulator target for famous smartphones If your smartphone is less popular then probably skip this emulator otherwise your game will crash. Support Android 4.0 and further ones, Edit and resize dpads, buttons.

    6.   RetroArch:-

          It is a free open source DS emulator, It uses an interface LIBERTO, that enhance some graphics features, You can see a database of all your games, also have the ability to load and enter cheats and last things no push ads.

  So, these are the ways and reviews to relive your childhood with those awesome games of Nintendo on your android devices.

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