Bachelorette Party Planning, Fun Entertainment Ideas Before Your Wedding

When planning a parting gift for yourself or your friend who’s the bride to be, as well as a great night for the bridesmaids, family, and girlfriends the night before your wedding, you can look into hiring a male stripper or a stripper team to do the dirty deed done dirt cheap. What’s even better, you can do more than just bring the shots, and get your hands dirty at the same time (bring plenty of small bills for tipping). That’s what Majesty Male Strippers wants to do for you because they’re dedicated with years of experience to give you the most incredible night of your life before the next incredible night – your wedding.

Bachelorette Party Planning, Fun Entertainment Ideas Before Your Wedding
Bachelorette Party Planning, Fun Entertainment Ideas Before Your Wedding

Fun Entertainment Ideas

Do you want to have even more fun? You’re a woman, and so are your friends. Bring some props and have them ready so you can prepare your male entertainers. You can even work out something so they can use those props to enhance their routine. Got a Magic Mike fantasy (most women do have the fantasy that the Magic Mike movie gave them when it comes to the moves, and being turned on like that while being swept off their feet). Well, Majesty can and actually does perform numerous moves just like in the movie to get you riled up with your friends.

How to Pay for Male Entertainment

Some male entertainers require that one person pays the bill even if you split the tab between friends. Majesty offers the availability of flexible payment options so more than one person can pay for the same experience. This will help because even your bridesmaids and girlfriends can pay for it together. One thing that you do want to do is have those bills in hand (or in your pocket) because strippers love tips, and more importantly, they love letting you get your hands in spaces that are private in order to deliver them. This is a win-win situation that makes your day too!

What About Privacy?

These guys are all friends, and they were raised right, so they know how to treat ladies like ladies. That being said, they’ll also maintain your discretion, so what happens at the bachelorette party stays there. Not only that, but you may want to surprise the bride rather than give spoilers, because it’s only fair, and they will want to not feel guilty about lavishing in their last night of fun before they get with their new groom. Not only that but if he’s with his buddies, you already know that they’re probably doing the same thing for him. Because of this, it’s only justifiable that you and your friends have a great night during a bachelorette party too. Along with this, think about the fact that more is merrier, and that’s something you can do by hiring a whole team of guys instead of just a lame solo act.


Majesty Male Strippers offers services all over the country, from the west coast to the east.  They even provide Grand Rapids male strippers for a bachelorette party. And what’s even better? They provide them at a decent price compared to some other services. You and your friends can have a ball(s) by hiring adult entertainment to your next bachelorette party. Get ahold of them and get some wild ideas for a sexy pre-wedding night.

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