Artificial Intelligence Powered Employee Time Tracking Solution

Artificial Intelligence has been changing the way we lived our lives, worked and holidayed. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has drastically revolutionised human lives and solved problems that were boggling human beings for ages. The future seems very promising for AI powered applications and it is believed that in the years to come, Artificial Intelligence will wield tremendous power.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Employee Time Tracking Solution
Artificial Intelligence Powered Employee Time Tracking Solution

For example, there are Amy and Andrew of that work to democratise the Personal Assistant. Similarly, Fin works to automate all the complex scheduling that is required in the Corporate world of today.

For Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring, another Artificial Intelligence solution called StaffTimerApp has made its way into the market. Although there are many Time Tracking software in the market, StaffTimerApp is a state of the art solution and it is a pioneer of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get the work of Remote Monitoring and Time Tracking done.

How StaffTimerApp works:-

StaffTimerApp works like no other Time Tracking Application. It captures the screenshot of the employees screen. These screenshots are the linchpin of all the Time Tracking that is implemented by StaffTimerApp.

Employee Time Tracking Software-2
Employee Time Tracking Software

Using Image Processing, these images are analysed and classified to get the work done.

Train the System using Machine Learning:-

The system is trained by the virtue of Machine Learning. Once the images are uploaded on the Dashboard of the employer, he can use select a few of them to classify the rest. For example, the user will manually select the 3 images of Facebook. The system will then recognise all the images of Facebook that are uploaded in the Dashboard. This way, the user trains the system for further classification and analysis.

Categorise the Images using Artificial Intelligence:-

Since the images are in great number, it would be hard to process them manually. With that being said, the problem is solved by the advent of Artificial Intelligence backed Image Processing. The images are categorised automatically. And this categorisation is based on the Training of the System as explained earlier.

In StaffTimerApp, there are some categories that are already present. These are the ‘default’ categories like ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ etc. But since the use of digital devices is so diverse and vast, a few categories cannot suffice all the users. Hence, the users have the option of adding categories that they deem fit for their employees.

How Artificial Intelligence gives leverage to StaffTimerApp:

StaffTimerApp stands out due to the fact that it is engineered using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This makes the application very reliable and flawless. The reason is that all the processes are completely automated and do not need the human intervention to carry out Time Tracking. Since there is no human interference, the system is not prone to errors and bugs. Hence, billable and non-billable hours are calculated without any mistake and no money is lost by anyone.

Moreover, since the process is fully automated, no time is wasting on Tracking Time.

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