Accolade Screens – Transform Your Indoors and Screens with us

We are the shade, shelter and privacy specialists. Our innovative designs don’t just stop at patio blinds. Our goal is to provide a seamless service that combines exceptional customer experiences, high-quality technology, and attractive design whether you’re in need of sunroom shades, retractable awnings, privacy screens or retractable weather screens.

Accolade Screens - Transform Your Indoors and Screens with us
Accolade Screens – Transform Your Indoors and Screens with us

Our Contemporary, stylish and functional, sun filter and block out blinds add a touch of class to every home.

Accolade Screens: Sun Filter Blinds and Weather Screens:-

As compared to clunky wooden privacy panels or curtains, screens are an aesthetically pleasing alternative that will billow in the wind and soothe your spaces. Storing the mesh fabric neatly within the housing, motorized screens easily roll up and down at the touch of a button.

Roller blinds for outdoor privacy and shade are an extremely stylish window solution and are the height of fashion at the moment. They are one of the oldest types of blinds but have made a huge comeback with the modern fabrics that are now available.

At Accolade Screens, we have a huge range of cafe blinds Melbourne and weather screens to bring you the best selection of colors, textures, designs, and prices that are available. This allows you to make a decision based on both style and budget without compromising the final look. The range of fabrics allows you to choose whether your roller blind offers full privacy and block out or partial privacy with various degrees of light-filtering.

Depending on the fabric you choose, your outdoor blinds Melbourne will maintain your view but block outside visibility. In other words, you can see out, but anyone outside can’t see in! Simply block out the sun, wind, and neighbors wandering eyes, day and night by making use of our protective blinds and weather screens. Being able to withstand temperature ranges from minus 86° F to 158° F these high-performance screens serve your purpose throughout the year.

On the whole we deal in a variety of other products suited for you:

  • Weather Screens
  • Gable Infills
  • Accolade Outdoor Blinds
  • Aliscreen Aluminum slat fencing
  • Aliscreen automatic and manual gates


Exclusive Features: Cafe Blinds Melbourne and Outdoor Blinds Melbourne:-

Making the room cool and greatly reducing air-conditioning costs, outdoor PVC Blinds are installed to the outside of your window or patio to block the sunlight partially before they reach your interior. As compared to interior shading products like interior blinds or residential window tinting and glass film, it is much more effective at stopping the heat.

We can offer a variety of control systems from the standard chain through to full motorization.

Here’s why our weather screens are hard to beat:

  • Instantly cut glare and heat.
  • Custom made to fit your canopy
  • External shading is by far the most efficient way to reduce interior temperatures.
  • Looks great from both sides.
  • Fabric choices can cut UV rays by up to 99% and by fitting them externally they reduce infrared penetration too.
  • The taut, flat design helps the blind’s transparency, so you can see the view beyond
  • Spring-loaded curtain allows you to effortlessly adjust curtain to any height for maximum flexibility.
  • Tensioned cables hold the blinds steadfast even in a vigorous breeze.
  • Outdoor living spaces get an extra layer of protection against wind and rain. Outdoor blinds Melbourne reduce uncomfortable wind gusts yet allow air circulation preventing heat buildup.
  • Smooth operating spring allows you to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions.
  • The crisp minimal design looks stunning from outside.
  • Stay warmer and dryer with the edges of the curtain being retained by the unique sidetrack, preventing wind spill, drafts and rain.
  • Easy operation, simply activates the curtain by the central locking system located in the bottom bar.
  • Creates a weatherproof screen so you can get more use of your outdoor area.
  • An internal spring, specifically adjusted to suit every curtain, takes all the effort out of the operation of your curtain.
  • High-quality aluminum components can be powder coated


All our outdoor blinds and cafe blinds Melbourne are extremely safe in the event of an accidental human impact, which makes this system unlike any other on the market today. It can resist excessive blows, unlike glass this product won’t break, shatter, or crack causing injury.

The combined added safety aspects are:

  • High Impact Resistant
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Fire retardant
  • Lightweight
  • Acoustic (noise reduction) and thermal properties
  • Heat and crack resistant
  • Break and puncture resistant
  • Secure
  • UV stabilized


  • Door, window, screen, infill, divider, partition
  • Fully or partially enclose your existing verandah or pergola structure
  • Conservatories and Enclosures
  • Enclose entertainment areas
  • Pet enclosure
  • Separate your designated outdoor areas
  • The new bi-fold doors add that special touch to any room.

Why Choose Our Screens?

  • Our attachment hardware is not clunky and complicated. It’s much simpler.
  • To make the seams stronger we add reinforcement prior to stitching.
  •  We only use high-quality materials, there is never a compromise on the quality.

Contact us to set things right in your spaces. Let us transform your treasured corners into breathing zones!

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